June 20th, 2014


The Brookline Parent: An Ill Wind

This has been an interesting week for gnomi and me. She got sick on Monday, and it's affected the whole week.

Fortunately, we can get a column out of it. :-)

So, this week at The Brookline Parent, you can read Nomi's column "An Ill Wind," and find out how Muffin and Squeaker reacted when they found that Mommy would be on bed rest for the whole week.

Hmm. My column two weeks ago was about Squeaker's nosebleed. Maybe there's something in the air...

"An Ill Wind"

The TARDIS at the Public Library of Brookline

In other news...

The Public Library of Brookline now has a TARDIS in the teen room!

File 770 has an article here: Brookline's Awesome Box, which is about both TARDISes, the smaller one installed as an Awesome Box and the newer, bigger one, that now sits in the teen room. Here's a link to the teen librarian's Tumblr post about the new TARDIS.

And here's a picture of me, emerging from the TARDIS. As chair of the Library Trustees, I am quite pleased. (Photo credit: R. Brenner, 2014)

Michael Emerges from the TARDIS