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New Horizons Second Launch Attempt Delayed

NASA will once again attempt to launch the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto, but it'll be tomorrow, not today.

And I got here just as the launch window would have opened...
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Does gnomi's birthday also get moved? :-)
She just gets to keep celebrating it.
My Hebrew birthday (20 Tevet) is Friday. I figure I'll celebrate at least through then.
I just found out that another old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in 14 years is here on LJ (going by the name of rivendelldragon), is a fantasy artist, and is planning on getting to RavenCon, which means I'm going to try that much harder to be there. Still hope you can make it!

My Mrs. wants you to know that if it's warm enough and people are game for the idea and have time, she wants us to all get together there sometime for a picnic. :)

At this point, we have already started scheduling our trip to Richmond, to attend Ravencon and to meet my new nephew. So I'd say that the forecast is a 90% chance of Bursteins.

We should definitely plan our socializing in advance. There are possible issues, though, with a picnic. From Friday night to Saturday, Nomi and I will be observing our sabbath, and there will be certain restrictions on our actions, which means that while we could walk off the hotel grounds, we wouldn't be able to go anywhere by car or vehicle. And we're going to have to find a supply of kosher food for the weekend, come to think of it.

Maybe we can arrange to hang out in the hotel bar (is there one?) on Friday night? Nomi and I can't spend money either during that time, but we could figure out something for sodas....

(I don't want to make this too complicated, but I will note that there are three reasons we're going to Richmond VA this April - Ravencon, my nephew, and madwriter. So we really should arrange in advance.)
Laurie and I would mainly going to see you and a handful of other people (just found out that another friend of mine, Mike Allen, will be a guest as well), so Socializing versus Events being our primary motivator, we can be ultra-flexible.

As for the picnic, I'd automatically assumed that people would be too busy until after the con was over so I hadn't even thought about it for anytime but Sunday...on the other hand, I know you'll have a long drive (flight?) back, so this may not work for you guys either.
Ah, Sunday! We're trying to use Sunday to see my brother and his family. What we should do is make plans off-line so we can see you and them, and you can see us and your other friends, and we can...you get the idea. :-)

As for travel, the plan is Amtrak to VA on Friday, and Amtrak back to MA on Monday.
Ah! Maybe what we should do is just figure out a way to make our own Con Suite. :)

If you want to send me what you nkow of your schedule (dda at wwco dot com) I'll see if we can figure something out. But like I implied, I'd be happy to let you and Gnomi dictate the schedule.
We don't have any schedule yet; Ravencon hasn't even created a programming questionnaire. But once we know the train schedule, and my brother's schedule, we'll have a better idea. I'm thinking we might want to see what we can do with Saturday night, after sundown, which will probably be around 8:30 PM.
That would work for me. I don't normally get off work till 10 pm anyway, and wouldn't start thinking about winding down till midnight . . .

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