May 18th, 2012


Weird Week

In truth, this week was not necessarily weirder as any other week. But every week I find that things happen that I know are prominent in my mind only because they're recent, and then next week other things will happen that will become just as prominent, and this week's things will fade.

So, for example, in the middle of this week we found out that Trader Joe's semi-sweet chocolate chips are going from pareve to dairy, prompting a huge response (well, relatively speaking) and a petition to have them fix the issue so the chocolate chips can be considered pareve again. Early in the week, Muffin had a tantrum. Today friends of mine are at the Nebulas, and I have a Bat Mitzvah to attend tomorrow. Wednesday night we had a friend over.

The thing is, all this seems trivial compared to other things. Because thrice this week, I was reminded of our mortality. One of my co-workers passed away on Tuesday morning, and I just found out that one of the members of my congregation passed away of a sudden heart attack that hit her on Monday. And on Tuesday night, a few people in a group I'm in gathered to honor a former colleague who left the group due to her health.

So yeah, chocolate chips pale in comparison.