April 24th, 2012


Brookline Town Election - One Week From Today

For those of you who live in Brookline, Massachusetts... (And for those of you who don't, but are interested anyway.)

Next Tuesday, May 1, 2012, is Town Election Day in Brookline. As many of you know, I hold two elected offices in Brookline. I'm a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 12 and a Library Trustee for the whole town. My current term as a Town Meeting Member expires this year, and I'm in a contested race as we have 17 candidates running for the 15 seats. (Why so many? Due to redistricting because of the Census, all 15 seats are up this year, instead of the usual 5.)

If you happen to live in Precinct 12, I'd appreciate your vote. If you want to know more about my campaign, you can visit my campaign website at Burstein for Brookline for my letter to the voters. And look for my flyer in your mail this week.

I'd also ask for your support for a few other candidates. As a Precinct 12 Town Meeting Member, I'm part of Neighbors Building Brookline, a coalition that came together in 1994 to support better government in the town. There are 13 of us running for re-election this year, and as a group we endorse all 13 candidates.

Town-wide, we have one contested race for a vacant two-year seat on the Board of Library Trustees. Both of the candidates running would be an asset to the Board, and I hope in the future to serve with both of them. For this year's race, however, I am endorsing Puja Mehta. I think she will be a great advocate for the library at the state level given her work with the Massachusetts Legislative Library Caucus.

Finally, there are two Town Meeting seats in other precincts that have candidates I've endorsed. In Precinct 13, I support Joanna Baker, who has done a lot of work to support our local parks, among other things.

In Precinct 11, there is an open Town Meeting seat, as only 14 candidates filed to run for the 15 seats. I'm delighted to support Shanna Giora-Gorfajn in her write-in campaign for that open seat. Shanna writes the column The Bounty Hunter for Brookline Patch, so you can read the column to get to know a little more about her. If you vote in Precinct 11, look for her outside the Driscoll School on Election Day handing out flyers and stickers with her name on them.