July 28th, 2011


Coolidge Corner Library Open This Sunday 1-5

In my capacity as a Trustee of the Public Library of Brookline, one of the things I've pushed for has been having the Coolidge branch library open on Sundays in the summer. Like many Massachusetts libraries, the Brookline libraries do maintain Sunday hours during the school year, but not in the summer (although Coolidge is open on summer Saturdays).

This year, for the first time in a long time, the Coolidge library will be open for one Sunday over the summer: Sunday, July 31, or this upcoming Sunday. The Trustees as a whole decided to open the Coolidge branch for that one Sunday this summer, to gauge the popularity of summer Sundays.

The Brookline TAB has an article today on the topic, in which I'm quoted—Coolidge Corner Library to test Sunday hours:

Trustee Michael Burstein said he’s recently heard a lot of community interest in Sunday hours.

Burstein said he’s always pushed for the extra hours.

“On the board, whenever I meet someone from Brookline and introduce myself as a library trustee, almost always the first question they ask me is why isn’t the library open on Sundays in the summer,” he said.

Burstein said the board conducted a community survey last year, soliciting feedback from residents on a variety of topics regarding the public library.

He said Sunday hours topped the list.

“What we found was that summer Sunday hours at Coolidge Corner was one of the top priorities of the people who responded to the survey,” he said. “It gave us a feel for what people really want.”

So if you live in Brookline, and you'd like to use the library on Sundays in the summer, here's your opportunity. Not to mention that there will be a puppet show!