June 7th, 2010


Brief Life Update

I continue to have not a lot of time in my life, and I hate giving short shrift to things going on when posting about them, but so it goes.

Let's see...in late May, I had Brookline Town Meeting, which took up a lot of my time (both getting ready for it and attending). I got sick one shabbat afternoon, which I noted here and on Twitter and Facebook, and it meant missing a birthday party and staying in bed most of Sunday to recover.

Local friends of ours who are making aliyah left, and had a farewell party. Another friend who left for California last year came back a few weeks ago and spent shabbat with us.

We got to see some of my family yesterday, as my half-brother Danny was around from Michigan and my brother Josh was around from Oregon. We went to Rubin's with them, and my local brother Jonathan and his family.

As Nomi noted, we lost power yesterday for about 6 hours, which was a bit difficult to deal with. We did get a chance to meet the NSTAR technician who was working to restore our power, and we thanked him for his efforts. If I had more time, I'd say more about that here.

Muffin and Squeaker continue to bring great joy to our lives, along with great lack of sleep. It's taking a bit of a toll on me physically, so I'm hoping the lack of sleep will soon be a memory.

Some of my science fiction award nomination pins were brought to the launch of space shuttle Atlantis, the same weekend I lost the Nebula nearby. (I of course was home with the kids.)

Any questions? I'm sure I'm forgetting something.