April 29th, 2009


Another SCI FI Wire Piece

For those of you interested, in honor of the 100th episode of the TV show Lost, which airs tonight, I have the following piece up at SCI FI Wire:

Before watching Lost's 100th episode tonight, check out 14 other sci-fi milestones

The most interesting aspect of writing this piece for me was discovering just how few genre shows have made it to 100 episodes...

(And I couldn't help but notice that the 100th episode of Lost coincides with the 100th day of Barack Obama's presidency. Given the subject matter of Lost, this can't be a coincidence.)

Apex Blog > Editor Gripes

A few weeks back, after I finished my work as the editor of the special issue of Apex Magazine, I blogged about my experiences as an editor on the Apex Blog (see Thoughts on Professionalism and Guest Editing). One of the goals I had in mind was for writers to learn a little about what editors go through, so they could do a better job of crafting their submissions to the market and thus make the editor's job a little easier.

Jason Sizemore, the publisher at Apex, asked a few of his regular editors to discuss other issues that they deal with, and he's posted their responses at Editor Gripes. If you're a writer hoping to sell your work to a market, take a moment to read over the post, as it's very instructive.

And don't worry if you get steamed by what you read; Jason is giving his writers a chance to post our own gripes next week...