January 14th, 2009


The Art of Genre Registration Deadline Extended

My friend Michael Marano, who is a fellow Grub Street instructor, asked me to let people know that the registration deadline for his class on "The Art of Genre" has been extended to Thursday. Also, there are scholarships available.

Here's a description of the class:

Using the unreal in your fiction offers unique opportunities to break fresh, new ground. This class will help hone the tools you’ll need to write genre fiction–be it science fiction, fantasy, or horror–with a distinctly literary bent. In addition to the weekly workshopping of short stories and novel fragments, students will be given a background on the genres’ histories and their respective subgenres, strategies for using surrealism and postmodernism in their work, approaches to using “real world” research as a way to flesh out otherworldly settings and narratives, and ways to use the unreal as a tool to make metaphoric statements that can only be articulated with fantastic trappings. Other topics covered will be strategies for marketing your work, techniques for idea generating, and protocols for developing their work with the help of editors and agents. The goal is to give you a solid grounding in the demands of fantastic fiction, and a better understanding of literary potential of your favorite genres.

As I said a few days ago, I'd be taking this class if I could fit it into my own schedule...