January 9th, 2009


Slowly Returning...

Nomi and I have been very busy in the past few weeks, and some folks may have noticed that my blogging has dropped precipitously. I'll try to have more to say very soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this photo of a teddy bear staring into the camera with a Bob Eggleton painting in the background.

Bear and Eggleton Painting Bear and Eggleton Painting
Photo copyright ©2009 by Michael A. Burstein. All rights reserved.


Arisia '09 Schedule

Playing catch-up...

Nomi and I will be at the Arisia convention next weekend. Here's an abbreviated panel schedule for the two of us. Of particular note is that on Sunday I will be doing a book signing for I Remember the Future. If anyone coming to the convention wants to buy their copy directly from me, let me know so I'll make sure to bring some.

Friday 8 pm
Super-Mega-Epic Crossovers (Michael)

Friday 9 pm
Uncivil War (Michael)

Saturday 10 am
Iron Man: "Yeah, I Can Fly." (Michael)

Saturday 1 pm
Reading (Michael)

Saturday 1 pm
TV Year in Review (Nomi)

Saturday 2 pm
Keeping the Faith: Changes in Your Comics (Michael)

Saturday 4 pm
15 Years of Babylon 5 (Michael)

Sunday 12noon
Book Signing (Michael)

Sunday 3 pm
Pushing Daisies (Michael, Nomi)

Monday 11 am
Abby Normal (Nomi)

Monday 12noon
Politics in Comics (Michael)

Monday 12noon
Grok, Hobbit! (Nomi)

Monday 1 pm
Your Fandom Origin Story (Nomi)

Brief Personal Life Update and Some Links

As I mentioned earlier today, I haven't had much time to blog because we've been very busy. In brief, last month Nomi and I moved to a new apartment. We're still in Brookline, but the move has been both busy and stressful. (We're actually still in the process of moving some of our possessions out of our old apartment.) Our new apartment still isn't completely set up, and is unlikely to be set up for a while, which just adds to the stress.

But overall, we're quite happy.

I'm hoping to get back to a more regular discussion soon of the usual things of interest: writing, science fiction, conventions, history, politics, science, and all those other things I like to talk about. But with deadlines at work, Arisia coming up, and new stories to be researched and written, my presence here may be sporadic at best.

In the meantime, here's some things I want to share:

My high school has been in the news recently, which always interests me. The New York Times reported on The Big Cram for Hunter High School, in which they profiled groups of sixth-graders taking the test for admission. Of course, there's a reason you might want to go to Hunter, as it could help you one day get appointed Solicitor General of the United States (class of 1977).

My friend Michael Marano is a fellow Grub Street instructor, and he's teaching what looks like a fascinating class on "The Art of Genre" on how to give your genre fiction a more literary bent. I wish I had the time to enroll, but if you're a local writer, you might want to check it out.

The Hugo nominating ballots are being sent out, and people are posting all over the Internet about their eligible work. I'll be doing the same soon.

More to come...

Apex Publications Drive

This one I'm getting in just under the wire.

Apex Publications, the fine publisher of I Remember the Future, has been running a sales drive for the past two weeks under the title "Brother, Can You Spare $15.95?" If you check out the Apex Blog, you can see their posts about the sales drive interspersed with many other fascinating posts about writing stories, reading slush piles, reviewing books, and participating in a workshop.

As an Apex author myself, I encourage any and all to check out their store and see what books you might want to buy. Perhaps you haven't gotten a copy of I Remember the Future yet because you were waiting for the ebook, which is now available. Perhaps you'd like to pre-order The Convent of the Pure, or order a copy of Hebrewpunk or Unwelcome Bodies.

Or maybe you'd like an Apex Alien Plush Toy! (Click the link; it's adorable!)

So if you're interested in some good reading, take a look.