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New Horizons Aborted

The launch is scrubbed for today. No go at T-2:34, due to a red line monitor fault, whatever that means.

See you all back here tomorrow at 1:16 PM EST?
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how many days do we have to try this?
We have a few weeks, actually. In fact, I think the window lasts until early February.
They shooting now for a 24hour turn-around on the systems shutdown.
How about an IM chat room instead of LJ?
I'm down with that. aim? irc?
Problem: I have no access to AIM at work. If we don't use MSN Messenger, I can't participate, as my company blocks AIM.
Ah. I lose, then, as we block MSN.
Well, here's a thought. I can create one LJ post tomorrow around 1 PM for everyone who wants to post our conversation in as we watch the launch. If people like that idea, we can go for it. It's not ideal, but it's better than blocking anyone.
As noted below, my company blocks AIM and other people's companies block MSN. I think I'll make one LJ post for a full-blown conversation we can all participate in tomorrow.
Sounds good to me!
They just explained that it was the winds. Tomorrow's window is 1:16pm - 3:15PM.
Ha, ha, ha. You are funny.
The window is open until February 14. While I want it to go, at this point, I'd kind of like to see it go on January 23 or 29 or, most preferably February 4. The first two are the dates the discovery plates were taken. The last will mark the 100th anniversary of Clyde Tombaugh's birth.
I'll be on the road with little access to news from the 25th through the 31st, so I'd like it to go either before or after that week.
Nonsequitor, but take a look @ http://www.livejournal.com/users/felis_sidus/1792.html She's a friend; Can you advise?
I'd tell her to get in touch with the people in charge, explain her desire to participate and her concerns, and to let them decide.

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