September 17th, 2008


NYC Plans Follow Up

For those of you following the arrival of the Nomi & Michael show in New York City, here's the current schedule. Feel free to skip to the relevant part for yourself.

Thursday we seem to be pretty much booked up. popfiend, you're on our list to try to stop by and see in the late afternoon. dianora2, if you're around, we'd love to see you too.

Michael will be taping his radio show interview in the early afternoon, while Nomi and running_girl4 wander the seaport. I'll meet up with them after my interview. Anyone else want to join us?

Shabbat. Booked.

Nomi and I plan to drop our stuff at Penn Station and then wander around New York is Book Country in Central Park from about 10 am to 12:30 pm. Anyone is welcome to join us there.

Following that, we plan to have lunch at Mr Broadway, a kosher restaurant at Broadway and 38th Street, at 1 pm. So far, it seems as if jjbaker, mamadeb, ennienyc and nojojojo are interested in meeting us, as well as a few others. Anyone else who wants to join us, reply here or email so we know the number of people.

If you need our cell phone info, drop me an email.

New Webzine: Polu Texni

A new webzine has just published their first issue as of Monday. Quoting from their "About" page:

"Polu Texni (πολύ τεχνικός) is a Greek phrase meaning many arts. It’s the same root word as polytechnic. Polu Texni is a web magazine about mixed-media arts and speculative or weird fiction. We’re interested in the intersection where different media, styles, crafts, and genres meet to create something more interesting than what they would be alone."

The September 15 issue includes artwork by Pat Lillich, fiction by Jack Skillingstead and the first part of a story by Adam Rurik, and interviews with Lillich and Skillingstead.

The September 29 issue will feature my new story, "Collapse." When it appears, I'll make sure to point people to it, and to my interview.

[IRTF] And So It Begins

So on a whim I searched for I Remember the Future on Good Reads and found it was listed. Further investigation showed that the book now has order pages at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Somehow, this starts making it seem more real. It's...going to be a book.

I need to update soon, with a full list of all retailers that will be carrying the book, including Pandemonium, Mike's Comics, Brookline Booksmith, Mystery Galaxy, Borderland Books, Zeising Books....

(But where should one buy the book? See my previous post FAQ: Buying the Book.)