October 28th, 2007


Watching Game 4 of the World Series

So last night, when the Red Sox started winning 6-0 in the top of the third inning, we got a phone call from 530nm330hz and introverte, who had read my previous post "Are There Patterns in Baseball?". They ordered us to go to bed.

We refused, because, of course, it wasn't yet time.

Of course, once the fifth inning ended and the Sox were still winning 6-0, we called them back and assured them that we would go to bed, as now the pattern could hold. Which made it all the more surprising when we woke up this morning to the news that the Sox had actually won 10-5.

So tonight, as you've probably already guessed, we've decided to stay up for the whole game. After all, the pattern is broken, so I don't think we need to go to bed after the end of the fifth. And given that the Sox are winning again, by a score of 2-0...