March 16th, 2007


My Jeopardy Prediction

[Spoilers follow behind the cut only if you think I have a remote chance of being right]

I've been following the discussion regarding tonight's Jeopardy game with great interest, and not just because I've recently joined the National Puzzlers' League. Although I haven't watched Jeopardy consistently my whole life, there are periods of time where I do return to the show for weeks or months on end to challenge myself. And to enjoy it, of course. I've also had two friends appear on the show recently, so I've been making more of a point to keep up with the program.

Anyway, a lot of people on the blogosphere are talking about tonight's show for one particular reason. The teasers for the show say that something happens tonight that has never happened before. What could that be?

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We'll see what happens tonight. (Well, the rest of you will. In our time zone, shabbat starts just after 6:30, so gnomi and I won't get to see the program until Saturday night. Fortunately, we don't mind spoilers.)