January 2nd, 2007


Brief Winter Vacation Report

As gnomi already reported, we're back from our excursion to New York City and Silver Spring, Maryland. I'm doing my best to catch up with the rest of you, but I know I missed out on a lot of news and other such things.

Furthermore, I'll probably fall further behind. I had a minor medical procedure today, and I have four "pay copy" writing assignments with deadlines that need to take priority over all other writing. I'd really like to post a full report of our vacation for people to enjoy, but it may take a while for me to get to it. Here are some quick highlights:

Sunday, December 24:
We met jamietr and Nomi took a photo: Jamie and Me. You can read jamietr's own version of our meeting posted as Rendezvous at Penn Station.

Mom, Nomi and I had dinner with my aunt Debby and aunt Miriam, and my half-brothers David and Danny.

Monday, December 25:
We went to the Jewish Museum and saw the first half of the "Masters of American Comics" exhibit.

We went to Le Marais for dinner.

Tuesday, December 26:
We went to the New-York Historical Society and saw four exhibits: "Elegy in the Dust: September 11 and the Chelsea Jeans Memorial," "New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War," "Legacies: Contemporary Artists Reflect On Slavery," and "Suspicious Truths: Politics and the Press in American History."

We had lunch with Bob Greenberger, who gives details in his December 28 post The Week.

We bought hats at Arnold Hatters.

We had dinner with lisafeld and Uri Feld.

Wednesday, December 27:
We met a bunch of SF types for lunch.

We went to the Newark Museum to see the other half of the "Masters of American Comics" exhibit.

We had dinner with sdelmonte and batyatoon.

Thursday, December 28:
We had lunch with justcomeinalone.

We went on the Big Onion walking tour of Historic Harlem. (Out of respect, the tour guide kept us away from the James Brown viewing at the Apollo Theatre.)

We bought books at Coliseum Books, and bemoaned their imminent closing.

Friday, Decmber 29:
We took the train to Maryland to stay with osewalrus and beckyfeld.

We had shabbat dinner at the home of estherchaya and sethcohen; for details on the menu and the other guests, see estherchaya's post Shabbos 12/29.

Saturday, December 30:
We had lunch with Malka & Noah and Malka's parents.

We spent the evening with Ian & Alida.

Sunday, December 31:
We fasted for the tenth of Tevet.

We bought iPods.

We went to break fast at the home of osewalrus's younger brother.

Monday, January 1:
We took the train home. osewalrus paid his respects to President Ford, and carried mine with him; you can read about his experience in My last respects to President Ford.

That's it for now. I hope I'll have more in a few days.