November 3rd, 2006


International Save Pluto Day

Those of you who have been following the savepluto LiveJournal already know that yesterday, those of us at the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet have declared that February 4, 2007, will be International Save Pluto Day. And we've posted the International Save Pluto Day Declaration to the website as well.

We're also very glad to note that the Brookline TAB newspaper once again found us newsworthy, running an article titled Brookline couple launches 'International Save Pluto Day.' Because we're not professional astronomers over at SP3. We're regular people trying to generate a grass-roots movement.

And the thing about a grass-roots movement is that it depends upon the general populace to get moving. We've created a framework within which the worldwide net of Pluto supporters can take action. Rather than having a diffuse series of (say) Internet petitions, an International Save Pluto Day would help impress upon the consciousness of the world that Pluto still has a broad base of intense support. As anyone can see in the declaration, we're encouraging people to contact the IAU on or about that day, to make it clear how important Pluto is to all of us. If they receive a bunch of separate petitions or letters spread over the course of a year, it may not make an impression. But if they receive a slew of support in the space of a week, they'll definitely notice.

And we want people to make a celebration of the day. That's why we're grateful to our friends at the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Massachusetts. Although the Center is neutral on the issue, they've agreed to be the first place to run a program in honor of Save Pluto Day. And we're hoping that by the time February 4, 2007 arrives, there will be others, all over the world.

So if you're on our side, please consider doing what you can to get the word out there. Talk it up on your blogs. Contact observatories and planetaria and ask if they plan a program for that day. Let the media know you're interested. Create an entry on Wikipedia. But get out the word.

Because if we can have an international day where everyone goes around talking like a pirate, surely we can have one where everyone thinks about Pluto.