September 29th, 2006


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mabfan's mother is currently in the hospital in New York City. She was admitted this morning and, while she appears to be doing somewhat better, mabfan and his brother are on the way down to New York and will likely be there through Sunday.

Anyone who had plans with us this weekend, please know they're currently in flux.

gnomi is still up in Brookline, holding down the local fort.

Michael's mother is Esther Miriam bat Chaya Toyva.

More information as it becomes available.

Update - Mom doing better

Quick post from me now, in NYC. Mom's doing better, and we expect that they'll release her Sunday. As she is still in the hospital, I'd still appreciate all good thoughts and prayers over this weekend.

I'm spending shabbat with sdelmonte and batyatoon. I'm always glad to see them, but this is like the second or third time they've taken me in because of Mom's health. Oy.

Another Update

mabfan and his brother arrived safely in NYC.

All of mabfan's mother's tests came back negative, which is a Good Thing.

gnomi got her work done in time for her deadline.

mabfan is taken care of for Shabbat, thanks to the kindness of friends.

gnomi is taken care of for Shabbat dinner, thanks to the kindess of friends. For Shabbat lunch, she is hosting (as had been originally planned), which pleases her muchly.

gnomi has completed her work flail and has moved into the pre-Shabbat flail portion of her afternoon.

This has been a message from the gnomi broadcasting network.