September 25th, 2006


Brief Rosh Hashana Report

As I noted on Friday, this weekend was Rosh Hashana, the holiday that ushers in the Jewish New Year. Nomi and I had a nice holiday. We went to services at Kadimah-Toras Moshe in Brighton. On shabbat, we had lunch with friends who live a short walk away from the synagogue. On Sunday, we walked an hour and a half to have lunch with friends in Cambridge. Our feet and legs ache, but the exercise was good.

As I always tell people, the good part of having the holidays fall on the weekend is that you don't have to take time off from work to observe them. The bad part is that you lose your weekend for other things.

I've done my best to catch up with the blogs I read, but I might not have seen everything vital, and for that, I apologize. Time marches on, and we can't rewind the clock.

Call for an Ig Nobel Delegation

Every year, the Annals of Improbable Research runs the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony at Sanders Theatre. According to their website, "The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think. The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honor the imaginative -- and spur people's interest in science, medicine, and technology." Nomi and I have been to the ceremony twice, and we've always had a great time.

This year, Nomi and I would like to bring a delegation from the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet. If a group of six or more people purchase a block of tickets and register as a delegation, the delegation is recognized at the beginning of the ceremony, and any delegation deemed "colorful" will be chosen to "parade ostentatiously into the theater." We're hoping that by having an SP3 delegation attend the ceremony, we will continue to bring poor Pluto's plight to the attention of the masses.

The 2006 ceremony will be held on Thursday evening, October 5, at Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. The ceremony begins at 7:30 PM, so the delegation will probably have to be there around 7 PM. Tickets are somewhat expensive, I'm afraid; we're hoping to get a block of the $33 seats (and there may be a surcharge as well). Nomi and I can lay out the initial expense of buying the block of tickets, but we're going to need to be paid back as soon as possible. If you email us that you wish to be a part of the delegation, we're going to have to ask you to bring the money for your ticket on the night of the ceremony.

So, if you'd like to attend, and be a part of the delegation, please email us at


Wednesday, September 27, at 3 PM EDT

(We know that's in only two days, but we have to buy the tickets early enough to arrange the delegation.)

Once we have a delegation all set, we'll set up an email list to figure out how to be "colorful" enough for a parade.

If you would like more information on the Ig Nobels and the ceremony, check out the webpages at The Ig Nobel Prizes and About the 2006 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony and Lectures.