June 22nd, 2006


Hugo Winner Anthologies?

Over at SF Signal, John DeNardo has posted An Open Letter to Science Fiction Anthologists. He's suggesting that someone publish annual anthologies of the Nebula Award nominees and the Hugo Award Nominees.

The discussion following the letter has been quite interesting (and includes a personally gratifying digression). Andrew Wheeler of the Science Fiction Book Club pointed out the logistical problems of producing those books, and then I and others noted that we haven't even had an anthology of Hugo winners over the past ten years, let alone Hugo nominees. The last one I know of was published by Baen Books in 1997, and collected the winners from 1992-1994.

So does anyone know why publishers stopped publishing the Hugo winners? Or does someone out there have plans to collect them again? Maybe if enough of us contact the big SF publishers, someone will pick up the baton...

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