May 31st, 2006


This Day in History, 2005: Deep Throat Revealed

One year ago today, the identity of the most famous secret source in history was revealed. Deep Throat, who was instrumental in bringing down the Nixon administration during the Watergate scandal, turned out to be W. Mark Felt, the second-in-command at the FBI.

The Washington Post's article about the revealing of Deep Throat's identity can still be found here: FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat'.

Brookline Town Meeting: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 (Fourth Night)

At 7:12 PM, the Town Moderator, Sandy Gadsby, declared a quorum and called us to order with the announcement, "Welcome to the fourth and final night of Town Meeting." We took his statement to heart, and tonight was indeed the final night. It was a night filled mostly with procedural stuff, but bookended by controversy....

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The final vote dispensed with, Sandy also took us through Article 32, the reports from committees, by encouraging us to read them at home. And so we dissolved Brookline Town Meeting at 9:32 PM. Join us again in November, when I'm sure we'll continue to have fascinating politics to involve the community.