April 9th, 2006


Personal Life Update

Okay, where to begin?

I haven't had a chance to post much on this blog; in particular, I've fallen behind on my discussion of Robert's Rules of Writing, which I really want to get back to as soon as possible. The main issue was deadlines for some works of fiction and nonfiction that I had to meet. Fortunately, I seem to have come through them okay, which would imply that it's now time to resume some of my more involved blogging.

Except that Wednesday night begins the Jewish holiday of Passover.

For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, and interested in knowing more about it, I refer you to the webpage Judasim 101: Pesach: Passover But one of the main things we must do before this holiday is clean, and so we've been cleaning our apartment all day. This is in addition to dealing with all the other stuff in our lives...

(For those who want to know why we clean, but don't want to read the whole page over at Judasim 101, here's what I said last year about cleaning for Passover.)

Anyway, I know I haven't really discussed much in the way of writing, or science fiction, or comic books (who didn't see the end of Infinite Crisis #6 coming?) over the past few weeks. I'll try to get back to a little bit of blogging over the next few days, but then I'll be offline for the beginning of the holiday, and then offline again for the end of the holiday and a trip to Ravencon.