September 19th, 2005


Michael's Next Writing Project

Since the novel is now finished (for the moment), it's time for me to tackle a new writing project. So I've set up this poll, in case anyone would like to chime in on what I should work on next. (Despite everyone's fondness for ticky boxes, I created a poll with radio buttons because I can't exactly tackle more than one project next. It's got to be one at a time.)

Poll #573286 Michael's Next Writing Project

What writing project should I tackle next?

Rewrite the mystery SF story that was rejected once
Write the telepathic space probe story
Write the alien predator story
Write the magical realism 9/11 story
Write a sequel to Sanctuary
Revise the rejected novel from 2001 (note: requires lots of new writing)
Something else (see suggestion in comments)

This Day in History, 1995: Unabomber Manifesto Published

Exactly ten years ago today, on September 19, 1995, the New York Times and the Washington Post both published the manifesto of the Unabomber.

The Unabomber was Theodore Kaczynski, who started sending out mail bombs in 1978. In 1995, he mailed his 35,000 word manifesto to a variety of people, including former victims, demanding that it be printed verbatim by a major newspaper or else there would be more bombings. The Justice Department recommended the publication of the manifesto out of concern for public safety; the theory was that someone might recognize his writing style and reveal his identity to the proper authorities.

In fact, Kacynski's younger brother David recognized the writing style, and notified authorities, who arrested him. Kaczynski is currently serving a life sentence in ADX Florence.

More information can be found at Wikipedia: Theodore Kaczynski.

Life and Movie

Because I've started a new job, chances are I won't be blogging or replying as frequently as I used to. However, I will still try to post something each morning.

In other news, gnomi and I got to see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit last night. She's blogged about it if you want to read a little more. Director Nick Park was present and did a Q&A afterwards, and we managed to get his autograph.