August 5th, 2005



On Tuesday, the junk haulers came, and took away everything we left on the third floor. They did a fantastic job; it took them five solid hours of work to get it all done.

On Wednesday, batyatoon, xochitl42, and Gabriel L. came over to my Mom's house for one last bout of helping me out. This time, we moved the saved stuff back onto the third floor, including all my comic books, both the bagged and boarded ones and the ones that are still loose. The back room of the third floor once again contains stuff, but it's not nearly as cluttered as it once was.

Yesterday, I took the Limoliner home.

Today, I have a bunch of errands and catching up to do...

Harry Potter and the Upside-Down Signature

(EDITED TO ADD: This poll is now technically closed, since my decision has been made. See this post to find out what I finally did.)

I need some advice.

As I was reading my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I discovered that one of the signatures (meaning a stack of pages that are sewn into the book as a unit) was sewn in upside-down. The upside-down pages are 501 to 532, for those who want to see what section of the story has that problem. (The book is complete; I have all the pages, and managed to read the story simply by turning the book upside-down when I got to page 501.)

Normally, I would bring the book back to the store and exchange it for another copy, but then I got to thinking. Sometimes books with errors in them become more valuable than regular copies. And theoretically, I could sell the book as a unique item; after all, it's entirely possible that Lord Voldemort cursed my copy in an attempt to prevent people from reading it. But I would only sell it (or offer in on eBay) if I thought I get get at least $50 for the book (hopefully more). So, what should I do?

Poll #546262 Harry Potter and the Upside-Down Signature

What shall I do with my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Exchange it at the store for another copy
Attempt to sell it as a "cursed" copy
Keep it as my personal copy

Harry Potter and My Final Decision

Thanks to all who participated in my poll this morning. As of this post, 51.9% suggested selling the flawed copy, 40.7% suggested keeping it, and only 7.4% suggested exchanging it.

I decided to go with the first option. I went out and bought another copy of the book to keep, and made sure it was another first edition, first printing. (The second printing is already out there.) I do plan to sell the misprinted copy one as a "cursed" copy.

I was interested to see how many people suggested holding onto the cursed copy for a few years, so it becomes more valuable. As tempting as that sounds, I'd really rather get my money back now for the second copy I bought.

So my plan is currently to set up an account on eBay, prepare a page devoted to the "cursed" copy, and then hope for the best. Since I don't have a digital camera or scanner of my own, however, I imagine this will take a while.

Thanks again to all who voted in the poll. And if you know any series book collectors who might be interested in pre-empting an auction and making me an offer, feel free to point them my way.

Tomorrow in History, 1945: Hiroshima

(Because tomorrow is shabbat and I won't be able to post about this in the morning, I wanted to post it now.)

Sixty years ago, on August 6, 1945, at 8:15 AM Japanese time, an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, the dropped an atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima. The blast killed approximately 80,000 people and injured 35,000. Another 60,000 died as a result of fallout by the end of the year.

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The City of Hiroshima mainatins an English webpage here, with a lot of links about their history and their Peace Memorial Ceremony held every year on August 6th.

Reference: This Day in History, August 6