June 9th, 2005


Harvard Commencement 2005

So today is Harvard Commencement Day here in the Boston area.

For many of us (such as gnomi) who usually commute through Harvard Square, that means trying to avoid that place as much as possible.

For others, such as mystful, it's their actual special day, and I wish them congratulations on graduating!

For me, of course, it's a mix. On the one hand, I have a few errands I have to run this morning in Harvard Square, so I will brave the crowds as I take the 66 bus there today. However, I think I have things timed perfectly so that everyone will be in Tercentenary Theatre, and not walking through the streets. Then I'll get out of there as soon as I can because I have some tutoring sessions this afternoon.

But on the other hand...well, fourteen years ago I participated in my own Harvard Commencement. Since I've been local for so many years now, I've felt a pull to go back each year and watch, even thought I know almost no one there anymore. I'd especially love to be there this afternoon, for the Alumni Parade which begins at 1:45, and the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association, which is when the featured Commencement Speaker gives a talk.

After all, this year the speaker is John A. Lithgow '67.

Well, perhaps I'll be able to enjoy the Commencement on streaming video....

Dinner and a Story

Tonight gnomi and I had dinner with fellow science fiction/fantasy writer jenwrites and her husband. I first "met" Jen last year, when I emailed the SFWA volunteer in charge of formatting stories for the SFWA webpage. For quite some time, the volunteer was Vonda McIntyre, so when I sent the email I addressed it to Vonda. It turned out that Jen had taken over the task. I apologized for calling her Vonda McIntyre, but she didn't mind.

Jen made a point of introducing herself at Arisia, and we've talked in person a few times since then. We've been meaning to get together for a longer conversation, and tonight we finally did. Jen and her husband have a fascinating background, and I'm glad we got to hear about their life stories.

Today was a propitious day for jenwrites, as well. Her story "Snow Day" was just reprinted as an audio file by Escape Pod, which is a SF podcast zine. (It's syndicated on LJ as escape_pod_cast.) Or, if you want, you can still read the story as it was originally published in Strange Horizons by clicking here. It's a very funny story, but be warned that it's also a bit risque.