April 1st, 2005


Cheese Weasel Day Approacheth

Despite the fact that today is April 1st, I have been assured for three years now that this is not a joke.

April 3rd is Cheese Weasel Day, the day that the cheese weasel leaves cheese under the computer keyboards of all good boys and girls. I first learned of this important holiday via a LiveJournal post from two years ago here: and you can also find out about it here. Then I discovered the webpage at http://www.cheeseweasel.com which includes the lyrics to the all-important cheese weasel song, plus a wav file of a woman singing the song so you can pick up the tune.

Of course, Nomi and I have turned this holiday into something for ourselves. Among the stuffed animals and Folkmanis puppets we own is a weasel, and because we're Jewish, we've made sure to give the holiday an appropriate Hebrew name: Yom Samur Hagvinah, which loosely translated means "Day of the Weasel of Cheese."

So make sure to pick up some cheese today, and leave it where a worthy recipient can find it on Sunday.