March 25th, 2005


Happy Purim and welcome!

First of all, to those who celebrate Purim, have a chag sameach.

Secondly, to anyone who has come here via Neil Gaiman's blog, welcome. Please give me a day or two to read through all the replies to my last post and come up with cogent responses. If you decide to keep reading here, I'm thinking of reporting on a bit more Flesch-Kincaid analysis of other works, to see what comes up.

This Day In History, 1911: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Haven't done one of these in a while, but this one is of personal interest to me.

March 25, 1911:

The Triangle Shirtwaist Company was typical of the garment shops that packed New York City's Lower East Side in the early 1900s: staffed primarily by young, female immigrants, the factory lacked basic safety measures like fire escapes and working exit doors. These conditions, clearly ripe for disaster, did indeed lead to trouble on this day in 1911. During the afternoon, a pile of rags in the shop burst into flames; the fire quickly, and tragically, engulfed the factory. Effectively trapped inside the flaming building, many of the workers either expired from asphyxiation or leapt from windows, a fatal, ten-story fall. The blaze, which lasted less than an hour, claimed 146 lives, marking one of the worst fire-related industrial disasters in America's history. The Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy shed a harsh light on the hazardous conditions that factory owners had allowed to exist in the name of industrial capitalism. It also galvanized various portions of the public, as reformers, workers, and survivors of the fire banded together to push for factory reform. The state government heeded this call and passed a set of laws aimed at safeguarding workers' health and safety. Along with this landmark legislation, workers also won a modicum of justice: the owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist were eventually found guilty on charges of manslaughter.


Hugo Nominations To Be Announced Tomorrow

According to the Interaction website, they plan to announce the Hugo nominees at Paragon 2, the UK Eastercon, tomorrow. That makes a lot of sense, as this year's Worldcon is in Glasgow, and Paragon 2 is the 58th British National Science Fiction Convention.

Chances are they'll make the announcement while I'm still observing shabbat, so I won't be back on line until a while after the list is revelead. (If they announce it tomorrow evening, that'll be in the middle of the day for me here.) So I figured I'd leave an open thread here, in case anyone wishes to discuss the nominees in my blog. I'll chime in after shabbat ends, roughly 6:45 PM EST (which is almost midnight GMT).