October 29th, 2004


Mom Update - Doing Better

Just got a call from my Mom. She must be improving, as they moved her from a telemetry room into a regular room. They want to keep her over the weekend, and continue monitoring her, as they want to make sure that her numbers stay good. If they do, that will tell them that they stopped the bleeder.

Mom expects to be heading home Monday. I'm looking at my schedule; I may head down on election day, or possibly the Sunday after.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who kept her and my family in your thoughts.

This Day In History, 1998

Today I found two possible choices. One was a major historical event, the Crash of the Stock Market in 1929. There's a lot I could say about that, as my late father was born in December 1929, and growing up during the Depression was a major influence on his life.

But instead, I choose to go with

John Glenn Returns to Space

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Why did I choose this one? Simple. At the time it happened, I was teaching Physics at the Cambirdge School of Weston, and the launch was scheduled during my morning Physics class. I interrupted my own teaching to bring in the television and have the students watch the launch, pointing out to them that this was a historical event -- oldest astronaut in space -- and they would probably remember watching it for years to come. The truth was that I just wanted to watch it for myself.