October 25th, 2004


This Day In History, 1983

United States invades Grenada

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Let's see, what do I remember of this one?

Not much. I recall less the invasion itself and more the fact that many Americans didn't take the threat of Grenada seriously. I believe Garry Trudeau spoofed the invasion in the Doonsebury comic strip quite a lot. That's about all.

I much better remember the bombing of Libya in 1986.


Poll #372327 This Day In History entries

Should Michael continue posting entries from This Day In History?

Sure, I love being reminded of things that happened on this day. And it gives me something to comment on.
Sure. I enjoy reading them.
No, they don't really do much for me.
No, I'm much more interested in what's going on now in Michael's life

Mom Update - Hospital Again

This morning, my Mom went back into the hospital, a different one this time. Her hemoglobin is apparently even lower than last time. They've scheduled another endoscopy for her, and maybe a colonoscopy.

I find myself in an annoying holding pattern now. Will I need to go down to NYC? If so, when? It honestly wouldn't do her or me any good for me to be there right now; my brother Josh is in NYC, and is handling things okay there for the moment. She might need me in a few weeks when she's back from the hospital. The distractions are making it difficult for me to write.

At least I've verified that if I have to bolt to NYC, I can vote early at the Town Clerk's office.
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History Poll Results and Conclusion

Well, according to the results of the poll up until now, even with five possible answers, a majority of respondents (55.6%) have said that they enjoy reading the "This Day In History" posts. Another 18.5% like them and think it will give them something to comment on. So I shall keep posting tidbits from "This Day In History" that I find of interest.

Thanks to all who participated, even the one stranger who apprarently went around LiveJournal today filling out polls.

Mom Update - Results of Endoscopy #2

I spoke with my Mom just a few minutes ago. She's lying in a telemetry bed at the NYU Medical Center in midtown Manhattan. This is a step between an ICU and a regular bed; basically, given her age and diabetic condition, they want to keep a closer eye on her.

The results of the second, more complete endoscopy are as follows: they found erosion in her stomach wall and a blood clot. Erosions like this should heal on their own, but given Mom's adult-onset diabetes, she doesn't heal as quickly as she could. They've scheduled another endoscopy for tomorrow, and they injected the erosion with epinephrine to help it heal.

On the good side, they did an EKG and took her blood pressure, and both were normal.

I asked Mom about my coming down to NYC, and basically, there isn't really much I could do for her if I travelled down tomorrow. Josh and Danny are around, a neighbor's watching the house, so all I would do is sit around and worry in NYC as opposed to here...and here, I have gnomi to keep me company.

It's likely that when they discharge her, Mom might need help, so I might head down in November. I'll continue to keep people posted, and thanks as always for the continued good wishes.