October 22nd, 2004


This Day In History, 1962

The Cuban Missile Crisis

This is a long one...

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I don't suppose there's too many people reading this entry who have personal memories of this crisis. Anyone want to share?

For me, what this brings up is less the crisis itself and more the memories of growing up in the tail end of the Cold War. I still recall how in 6th grade (1980-1981), we routinely had air raid drills where they would bring the students down to the basement of the elementary school. That was the plan if the nukes started flying, and I can't imagine that we were very well protected.

In high school, I still recall how every time a special announcement came over the PA system, I had a minor fear that they might be announcing that World War III had begun.

On a perverse note, growing up in Queens I was proud of the fact that a short bus ride down Queens Blvd. would lead us to the main AT&T switching station for the entire northeast, including New England. You see, that building was a designated ground zero spot for Soviet missles, and for some reason, I was proud that Manhattan wasn't getting to hog all of the ones for New York City

Mom Update - Good News

I just got the call from my younger brother Joshua about Mom's endoscopy. They found old blood in her digestive system, but nothing else untoward. It looks like she did in fact have GI bleeding, but it has already healed itself. They'll probably put her on some sort of medication and send her home soon; depending on how she's doing, I may not have to head down to NYC after all.

Thanks to all for your good wishes.