September 10th, 2004


Title Needed - Tuckerization Offered

You know, I really wasn't planning on doing it this way, but...

I'm working on a sequel to my story "TeleAbsence," about the Virtual Reality school, and I need a title. I'm racking my brains to think of one, and I can't. The plot of this new story is that Tony is now an adult in charge of the telepresence school system and is trying to convince the California public school system to adopt the program. But one of the students has learned how to hack the system in a way that allows him to kill other students -- and the entire point of telepresence school was to eliminate violence in schools. Tony must help find the killer and convince the state commission to adopt the program.

So...any ideas? The winner can get Tuckerized in the story.

Tele Tele Tele...

Well, a lot of people went the "Tele" route in the last post. My feelings are as follows:

I'd rather get away from the Tele concept; that said, if I go with it, I'll most likely go with "Telepresence," as that's the closest in parallel to "TeleAbsence." To that end, I'll give a nod to magid in the story, who should email me to discuss it.

That said..."Telepresence" seems too bland to me as a title. Can anyone figure out a way to work the word into a better title? Such as "The Telepresence Affair" or something? That would help. And I'll throw a second Tuckerization into the story.

By the way, everyone will get Tuckerized eventually, so don't worry if it hasn't happened yet. :-)