August 13th, 2004


Of Angel Interest

The writer who inherited the whiteboard with the final season of Angel laid out on it has made sure to preserve it for posterity. And someone arranged for a photo to be posted on the Internet:

EDITED TO ADD: According to some people commenting, the direct link isn't working for people. Try this, and if that doesn't work, go to the parent directory at and then click on the link.

More Than Anyone Ever Needed to Know About My Email

I'm probably the only one who cares about this, but I'm happy with what I just did.

As many of you know, a while ago I found that was bouncing the emails I had forwarded from my mab address (the one at mabfan). Since that one's been overloaded with spam, I didn't want to create a mailbox for it at the mabfan server, so I created the new address, michael, and I told everyone to switch to that.

Well, today I remembered that Eudora has filters. So I created a mailbox for mab on both the server and in Eudora. Now I can use mab again, because instead of having it bounce from or go to my web-only gmail account, it comes into my computer and all gets filtered into one mailbox. I expect most of that will be spam, so it'll all be isolated, but that means I can continue using mab as my "public" email address, and when I get the occasional email to that address from someone real, I can email them right back from the michael address and ask them to use that from now on.

Does anyone care? I didn't think so. But I would like to thank Andrew Greene for having made all this possible for me, when he found a company to host mabfan.