February 16th, 2004


Posting from Limoliner

As I write these words, gnomi, farwing, and I are on a Limoliner headed to New York City. By happy coincidence, zsero is also on the same bus, having just left Boksone.

He's one of the people, along with our good friend Steve Orso, who recommended we check out the Limoliner for our frequent trips to New York. So far, the ride is very nice indeed. The seats are comfortable, the Internet wireless connection works, and the ride is fast. Our attendant is a delightful young woman names Annabelle who seems genuinely concerned that our trip be a pleasant one. She's already provided us with pillows, sodas, and information on how to connect to the Internet using the ethernet cable. The television screen is showing CNN news, and after our stop in Framingham, we'll get to see the movie "Lost in Translation."

More later...

More from Limoliner

As we approached the Framingham stop (at the Sheraton Tara), we were told that the pipes on the bus were frozen, so if we wanted to use the bathroom, we should use the one here. Now we've been told that the back tire has a slow leak, so they're sending over the other bus, but it's going to take 30 minutes to arrive.

Hm. Not very propitious for our first experience on the Limoliner. At least we're in no rush.

Limoliner, part three

They've now moved us onto the other bus, and in about five minutes we're supposed to be on the road again. I'll keep everyone posted, I suppose, or at least until the movie begins.

Limoliner, final note

Well, they showed us the films "Lost in Translation" and "Anything Else."

And then, because we were going to be -- get this -- a half hour late arriving in New York City, they gave us all free vouchers for a return trip. Which we're applying to our return trip, which was already paid for, so they're refunding our money.


Anyway, we got to my Mom's house, rushed through a bunch of things, and had dinner with friends. I'm sure gnomi will post a real report in a few days...