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Brief Update: Arisia and Other Things

This past weekend, gnomi and I attended the Arisia science fiction convention. We celebrated her upcoming birthday, which is tomorrow, with a party Saturday night in our hotel room that went very nicely. All our guests had a good time.

There was other happiness this weekend. On Friday, January 13, my younger brother and his wife welcomed a baby boy into the world. This is the first male-born Burstein in 34 years, and we're all delighted.

And for now, I'm working today but also feeling sleepy. I have a busy week ahead, so I'm not sure when I'll catch up on sleep; probably this weekend.


Congratulations to your brother.
Mazal Tov to you and your family. Happy Uncle Day!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Sleepy Day!
Mazal tov!
Mazel Tov :) My best to your brother and sister-in-law, my best to your new nephew, and may his life provide much joy and nachas - accent on the joy, though ;)
Mazel tov to you and your family, and welcome to the new little boy!
(a) Mazel Tov. (b)
This is the first male-born Burstein in 34 years, and we're all delighted.
What does that sentence mean, exactly? The first male B to be born, or the first one who is currently male who was born as a male?
The first boy baby with the last name Burstein in my family since 1972. There are no F-to-M Bursteins in my immediate family, as far as I know.
Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. :-)
How wonderful! Congratulations on the addition to your Uncle-ness!
Mazal tov! Please pass on my congrats to Josh et fam.
Mazal Tov!
Mazel tov to you and your family. It was great to see you, however briefly.
bright blessings and warm wishes for your whole family!
Send him my congrats!
Mozel Tov!!
Mazel Tov!
Mazel tov! Sorry I couldn't stay at the party...
Sorry I didn't make it to the party Saturday, though your mother-in-law invited me. Hard to believe I've known her for over 30 years of her life...

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