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In Praise of Bob Greenberger

It's not often that a friend gets fired and both Mark Evanier and Peter David post about it on their blogs. I imagine that now many more people in the world know of Bob Greenberger than did last week. I haven't had as long a friendship with Bob as those two esteemed gentlemen, but I figured I'd take the opportunity to praise him publicly.

Bob is an editor and a writer who has been working in the comic book industry for many years. Back around 2000 or 2001, our paths happened to intersect and we became friends. I was delighted to discover that Bob had been an editor on many of the comic books I had most enjoyed as a teenager. In particular, he was the editor on the DC Challenge comic book, a round-robin romp through the DC universe that brought in minor characters from all over and somehow still managed to be wrapped up successfully at the end. At the time we became friends, Bob was working at Marvel Comics and he brought me in to see the offices; he did the same thing for me once he found himself back at DC Comics. (Although I had visited DC before, when I was about 8 years old, thanks to Al Milgrom; but that's a story for another time.)

I can very much attest to Bob's skills as an editor. Out of friendship, we've occasionally shared works in progress with each other for feedback. Bob is extremely perspicacious; I was having trouble with a few of my more ambitious stories, and he showed me how to get them to work. He's also helped me a lot with a few comic book proposals I've developed; although no one has agreed to publish them as of yet, working with Bob on them has been a major learning experience.

Bob is also one of the funniest men I know. He has a delightful sense of humor and a dry wit. A few years ago, when he was running the movie previews during the Arisia masquerade half-time, those of us watching over the hotel television system weren't getting the previews but rather shots of Bob reacting to them. He didn't realize that he had an audience laughing at his various nods and headshakes. I decided to call him on his cell to let him know about the problem, and later on, he said to me, "My phone rang, and I asked myself, who would be calling me while I'm busy on stage?" Then he looked at me with a sardonic expression. "Burstein!"

I know Bob will bounce back. After all, that's what superheroes do.


Things to do when I win the lottery: Hire him as my editor.
Frankly, if I had the money to do it, I'd create a new comic book company and make Bob the editor-in-chief.
Or a book publisher; but I did agree with the comment about the comic world's loss if he goes out of that field.
Further signs that DC, while embracing the past by building its biggest story ever around Kal-L, is really trying to seperate itself from the past more and more.

I wonder if Lunacon will have Bob on its annual Year in Comics panel (which also included me the last two years), and how it will feel to discuss DC after all that happened.
"My phone rang, and I asked myself, who would be calling me while I'm busy on stage?" Then he looked at me with a sardonic expression. "Burstein!"

Oh, you MUST write this into a superhero/archnemesis story starring Bob and you. :-D

He's so great. This is the first I read about the firing, and I am really shocked.
Now that I've been taking comic book art lessons, I keep wanting to draw Bob in a superhero costume...
Best of luck to Bob, whom I had the pleasure to meet at Shore Leave.

I hope he's comfortable with the posts about him being fired -- I was a bit taken aback when I came across one of them this morning. If I'd been fired and told a close friend or two, I'd be a little freaked out if it appeared on the Internet. But perhaps they asked him first. Obviously, they posted out of concern.
Well, as you can see from following the links, Bob himself posted about being fired in his own blog. I think most people waited for him to make it public before posting on their own announcements. (Although I noticed that some news sites did post it as news before Bob had said anything publicly.)
My apologies! I should have read more carefully.
No need to apologize...
Whoa. I had only recently learned that Bob Greenberger was back at DC. Now they've let him go? Sad. :(

I fondly remember his work with Peter David on DC's Star Trek comic back in the day. I love your idea of starting your own company with him as editor-in-chief. SOMEBODY needs to do that, anyway. :)


Didn't know about this. I'd seen Bob do "Trailer Park" at several cons and obviously had a professional interest, and thought he did a fine job. And when we got to chat (usually in at a party in your room) he came across as a fun, intelligent and decent guy.

Hope things work out for him.

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