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Today Nomi and I had a very busy day. My good friend Gami Dadusc got married to Seth Maislin in Ashland, and Nomi and I attended. I was shocked to realize that I have known Gami for twenty-five years; she literally is the person I have been friends with for the longest amount of time.

The wedding was wonderful. They held the ceremony outdoors, under a beautiful blue sky with bare wisps of clouds. Gami and Seth had wanted a traditional Orthodox ceremony, and I served as one of the witnesses, along with the father-in-law of Gami's brother Daniel. I served as a witness for everything: the signing of the ketubah, the giving of the ring, and the guarding of the yichud door. Afterwards there was lots of music and fun dancing. They had a great DJ, and great food; Nomi and I were at the "kosher" table along with Gami's sister and brother, the brother's wife's family, and the rabbi and his wife. (I should note that the rabbi also did a wonderful job.)

I'm so happy for Gami and Seth, but as I said, it was a long day...and Nomi and I have work tomorrow. We did spend the evening transferring the NBC Nightly News from August 14th and the Today Show from August 15th onto a videotape for my younger brother, who of course wasn't able to see them at the time...

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