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Dover School Board Rescinds Old Board Policy on Intelligent Design

A variety of news sources have reported that last night, the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania rescinded the previous board's policy on intelligent design by a unanimous voice vote of 8-0. They also voted not to appeal Judge Jones's ruling from a few weeks ago, in which he ordered intelligent design to be removed from science classes.

This news is not entirely unexpected, of course. When the old school board got voted out of office, it was inevitable that no matter how Jones had ruled, the new school board was going to get rid of the old policy. Still, it's nice to hear about the follow-through.

Sad to say, however, the fight to keep evolution in science classes is an ongoing one. For one thing, we still have the redefinition of science that has been placed on the books in Kansas. For another, the creationist activists (for that is what they are) will not go away. They will continue to push their agenda, which will evolve again in an attempt to become more palatable for public education.

And yes, I do mean "evolve." I have always been amused by the fact that their arguments do evolve in an attempt to better fit the niche of a science class. When teaching creationism in public school science classes was ruled unconstitutional, they came up with the notion of "creation science," claiming that their view that God created human beings without resorting to evolution was a form of science. When that didn't work, they came up with intelligent design. I must admit I am curious to find out what they come up with next.

After all, it is evolution in action. And they'd probably be chagrined to hear that.
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