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The Greek Alphabet is Here to Stay

Tropical Storm Zeta has formed in the Atlantic.

Anyone want to take bets on Eta, Theta, Iota, and Kappa?


Oh... my...


The Flying Spaghetti Monster is agitating the waters with his noodly appendage! He is wrathful -- and spicy.
I'll bet against (but only because I know that any storm that forms after the start of the new year becomes the first storm of 2006, and thus would have the "A" name for next year).
But I thought they didn't start using the new list of names until hurricane season begins. (I've emailed the NHC to ask; let's see if they respond.)
I was wondering about that myself. Let us know what you learn.
Well, the list of storm names appears to be by calendar year, so I'd have to say that since Zeta reached name status in 2005, it was appropriate to keep going down the list we've been using all year.

If a new one forms next week, it would presumably be Aletta.

So, have we finally entered the period of year-round tropical storms that goes hand-in-hand with global warming?
no, we'll have a break where we'll have nor'easters instead.
http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml says (emphasis mine):

In the event that more than 21 named tropical cyclones occur in the Atlantic basin in a season, additional storms will take names from the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and so on. If a storm forms in the off-season, it will take the next name in the list based on the current calendar date. For example, if a tropical cyclone formed on December 28th, it would take the name from the previous season's list of names. If a storm formed in February, it would be named from the subsequent season's list of names.

Ah, but what about a storm that forms on midnight between December 31st and January 1st? :-)

(It is for this question that rav Gamilel was thrown out of the seminary.)

Thanks for the information; I have no idea how I missed it.
Ah, but what about a storm that forms on midnight between December 31st and January 1st? :-)

Can't happen. As the moment of midnight between two years moves from east to west, the Coriolis forces of the two years cancel each other out along that exact longitude line, making storm formation impossible except at the poles.


*giggles at the thought of an Iota of a storm*
I bet one meeelion dollars that we won't get to Omega.

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