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Victory for Science

MSNBC is reporting that Judge John E. Jones III has ruled against teaching intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in science classes.

The full text of his ruling, all 139 pages, can be found as a PDF file here.

As a scientist, teacher, science fiction writer, science textbook editor -- and a religious observer -- I'm relieved.

Now, back to Kansas.


Now, back to Kansas.

But Michael, I don't think we're in Kansas, anymore.
Pay no attention to the intelligent designer behind the curtain...
I'm reading the ruling right now. It's a remarkable and clear summary of what's wrong with ID, legally and otherwise.
I'd love a hard copy, but printing 139 pages seems excessive.

From everything I heard, Jones is a rational man. Glad to see that was the case.
My favorite part is where he discusses how as Panda was being re-written around the time of Edwards, you can see clearly that ID=Creationism.
I've just posted a selection of my favorite quotes from his ruling.
I'd seen the ruling a bunch of times today, but thanks for the -link-, which wasn't in any of the other articles; I'd wanted to track down the ruling.

As you can see, I've posted some of my favorite selections from the ruling.
It's a relief but also a poignant reminder at how backwards this country is.
I'd just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Martian Manhunter for taking a stance against infringement on science education.
You know, gnomi said the same thing...
VERY interesting! Thanks for the posting. If I manage to teach Ethics this next semester, I think this'll come up . . . I'm SURE it will in Intro to Political Science!

BTW, do you think you might be able to manage coming by to speak for the later sometime this Winter/Spring?
You mean, in my capacity as a town politcian?

It would depend on the scheduling of the class and my work schedule, but I'd enjoy doing it again. I may not have a videotape to bring this time, though.
The video was cool *grin*, but is not a requirement.

As soon as I'm more sure of the class hours, I'll work out with you what would be a good time and day. Also, please let me know if you want a thank you letter on school letterhead, either for your own files, or for work purposes. And if I don't get that to you, remind me! *grin again*

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