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Personal Update: Busy Bursteins

One would think that after the Jewish holidays, Town Meeting, and the Thanksgiving holiday had ended, things would settle down a little bit. Ah, it never happens that way. gnomi and I keep up a rather busy life, and find it difficult to squeeze everything in. Consider this week:

On Sunday, we went to see the film "Good Night, and Good Luck.", and we watched a DVD of the 1964 Israeli movie "Sallah Shabati" that we had borrowed from the library.

Yesterday evening, for the first time ever, we spent a few hours at the Diesel Cafe that we've heard so much about. I think I now understand the appeal; it's a spacious place wherein to hang out. Unfortunately, even as early as six o'clock it was difficult to find a spacious enough table for three of us to spread out our sketchbooks. We were there for our third comic book art lesson, not to socialize, but sure enough, we ran into a few people we know, including twitch124, tahnan, and zmook.

Tonight, we're going to the Boston Museum of Science to hear a talk by physicist Lisa Randall, based on her new book Warped Passages.

On Wednesday evening, we're going out to dinner with a couple we don't know who are new to the local community. The wife is interested in publishing science fiction, and mutual friends put us in touch. So I imagine we'll spend the evening discussing a lot of the usual basics of the SF/fantasy publishing world.

Thursday we have to cook for shabbat, Friday night of course is shabbat, and Saturday night we're hoping to see some friends we haven't seen in a while. (Which, come to think of it, is probably a good description of almost all our friends at this point...)
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