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Harlan Ellison, Grand Master

I am delighted to share the news that SFWA has named Harlan Ellison as their next Grand Master.

From the official press release at

Since his first sale, "Glowworm," to Infinity Science Fiction in 1956, Harlan Ellison has shaped and sometimes re-shaped modern science fiction. As a writer and as an anthologist, his influence, though sometimes controversial, has been vast. He's won a remarkable seven Hugo Awards, plus three Nebula Awards, many script-writing awards for his television work, an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America, and various World Fantasy Awards.

Always a champion for writers, Harlan led the fight against AOL with his "Kick Internet Piracy" campaign to hold internet service providers responsible for pirate sites. He also helped to launch the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Also, William F. Nolan has been chosen as Author Emeritus. Congratulations to both!

(The presentations of these honors will take place at the Nebula Awards Ceremony in Arizona in 2006.)
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