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This Day In History, 1837: Mount Holyoke Founded

One hundred and sixty-eight years ago today in Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary was founded by Mary Lyon, an advocate for women's higher education. By 1893, the school was known simply as Mount Holyoke College.

Lyon travelled across the country by stagecoach in her efforts to raise money for the school. She had to overcome many obstacles, both economic and ideological. The country was in a depression at the time, and people had very little money to donate; furthermore, there were many people who felt that women were unable to deal with the demands of higher education.

But Lyon succeeded. When it opened, Mount Holyoke was a school with rigorous entrance requirments, a demanding curriculum, and an endowment that kept it from closing its doors. Mount Holyoke remains a women's college today, with many illustratious graduates (including farwing and lordavon).

(On a personal note, my Mom attended Mount Holyoke for a year before she transferred to Barnard. She still receives the Holyoke alumnae magazine.)

For more information:
History of Mount Holyoke College
Wikipedia: Mount Holyoke College
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