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gnomi and I had a very busy day today. We began with the plan we've had for a while, to try to clean up some of the books that have taken over the apartment. We'd like the place to feel a little more spacious. So as soon as we woke up, we spent the whole morning packing books into boxes, which we plan to move into storage. We took books off the bookshelves, which should allow me to move books from the table onto the shelves, thus clearing the table.

In the afternoon, we went to the Prudential Center to spend time with zmook and mattlistener. zmook wanted to do something that was specific to Boston, and we had tried to come up with a few ideas. We thought of the Boston Duck Tours, but they were all sold out. So instead, we went to the Mapparium and walked around the Public Gardens. The rain hit a few times, with some rather impressive thunder and lightning.

gnomi and I had dinner with zmook at Rubin's. Then he went home and we went back to cleaning up our apartment and writing. Cleaning will take quite a while, a major long-term project. As for writing, I'm really hoping to get this story done this week. Assuming I do another 30-page week, that ought to do it -- but then comes the dreaded rewriting.

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