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Infinite Crisis Predictions Round-Up #1

So last week, Infinite Crisis #1 finally came out. I picked up my copy just before Yom Kippur, and because of the holiday and work haven't had time to write up my thoughts until now.

The upshot is that I loved it. This new Crisis is definitely rooted in all the stories that have led into it. And the final page just blew me away. I've been obsessing over this comic, and can't wait to find out where it's going.

(I've also been blown away by the actual full cover for Infinite Crisis #2. Be advised, this cover contains spoilers for the end of issue #1...and I reference it later on.)

But, of course, the main question on my mind is: how well did my predictions pan out? So I went back to my Friday speculations and pulled out the six main predictions I made about the Infinite Crisis. Now, some of these predictions actually contradict each other, as I based each one on the new information from that week's comics. Despite that, I still think I can attempt to score myself via the following system: Right-Wrong-Unresolved.

Be advised -- there are spoilers for the first issue of Infinite Crisis here. If you haven't read it yet, you probably should stop now.

Then again, if you haven't read it yet, you're probably ignoring all these particular posts anyway.

Prediction #1 (made September 2, 2005): Power Girl is the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, who managed to stick around even after the Crisis. The Psycho-Pirate kept her around deliberately, and is using her to restore the Multiverse.

How it stands: Since JSA Classified #4 hasn't come out yet, it's still not clear. However, the fact that the complete cover of Infinite Crisis #2 shows Power Girl among Superman-2, Lois-2, Alexander Luthor-3, and Superboy-Prime, it looks like I was right. Power Girl would appear to have been an anomaly left over from before the Crisis.

The second part of my prediction, that Hayden is using her to restore the Multiverse, is also still unclear. However, given what we have seen, I'm inclined to score this prediction at half-credit. Score: 0.5-0-0.5


Prediction #2 (made September 9, 2005): Someone, possibly the Anti-Monitor, is returning to finish off what he started and failed to do twenty years ago.

How it stands: Unclear. Everything going on definitely feels like someone or some group is behind it, but we still don't know whom. A character in the shadows of JLA #120 looked a little bit like the Anti-Monitor, but for the moment, we can't say this for sure. Score: 0.5-0-1.5.


Prediction #3 (made September 16, 2005): The mysterious Mockingbird is actually Lena Luthor, merged with Brainiac 2.5.

How it stands: Well, I was apparently wrong on this one. Lena is nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, the reasoning behind my prediction is fairly consistent with what we saw. As I said, "Throughout Villains United, it's been pretty well-established that Mockingbird really hates Luthor. While Brainiac might go up against Luthor, he doesn't really hate him, per se. So I went a little further and asked myself the following question: Who out there would have such hatred of Luthor, and also the power to keep an identity as private as possible?"

And the answer turned out to be: the real Lex Luthor of the current universe, secretly fighting against an impostor Luthor from an alternate reality.

Given that Mockingbird is in fact a Luthor, I'm giving myself another half-point for this one. Score: 1-0.5-1.5.


Prediction #4 (made September 23, 2005): Lex Luthor is behind everything, planning to restore the Multiverse.

How it stands: Unclear. The Lex Luthor of Villains United might be behind a lot, but his final goal is still unknown. I suppose I could give myself a half-point here, but I still think we need more information before deciding on this one either way. Score: 1-0.5-2.5.


Prediction #5 (made September 30, 2005): The villain behind the new Crisis will turn out to be the original, Golden Age Superman, of Earth-2. (Clue: the JLA transporter incident in JLA #119.)

How it stands: Well, at this point, I think we can safely say that this prediction was off-base. Infinite Crisis #1 begins with an investigation of the destruction of the JLA Watchtower in JLA #119, and it ends with the return of the Golden Age Superman breaking himself and his companions out of their shell. Obviously, he can't have been the fake Superman who destroyed the Watchtower, since he wasn't even in the universe at the time.

On the other hand, I'd like to claim half-credit for predicting the return of the Golden Age Superman, even if he's coming back as a hero (yay!) and not as the villain.

So who was the destroyer of the Watchtower? For the moment, my money's on it being the Cyborg Superman, since he shares Superman's DNA...

Score: 1.5-1-2.5.


Prediction #6 (made October 10, 2005): Heroes will find themselves on opposite sides during the Crisis, because some will want to restore the Multiverse and others will not, as it will mean the destruction of the current universe.

How it stands: Unclear at this point. It does appear as if there will be some sort of confrontation between the Golden Age Superman and the current Superman, as Superman-2 and his friends clearly feel that the current heroes have lost their way. But until I see this actually happening, I'll leave this prediction in the unresolved column.

Final score: 1.5-1-3.5.


In other words, of all the predictions I made, at this point I'm 25% correct, 16.7% incorrect...with 58.3% of the predictions still unresolved. I'm inclined to call this "not bad."

In the meantime, as the weeks pass, I'll probably make new predictions, based on the new information we learn.

To misquote Bette Davis: Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
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