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Speculation Today, Infinite Crisis Tomorrow (Post #7)

Welcome to the final speculations before the Crisis hits.

As any fan of DC Comics knows, in just two days the first issue of Infinite Crisis will be released. Over the past six months (or more), there's been a lot of stories leading into this big event. In addition, a lot of clues have been sprinkled throughout the DC universe, letting us know that something big was coming down the pike.

So over the past six weeks or so, I've been making predictions as to what's going to happen in the Infinite Crisis based solely on what I've read in the comics. It's entirely possible that I will fall flat on my face with some or all of my theories, but I don't care. I've enjoyed trying to second-guess the people behind the DC universe. So if my guesses turn out to be right, I can claim bragging rights. And if my guesses are all wrong, it's still been fun for me, and I hope it was for you.

Some speculations have been fairly easy to make. For example, it's been made rather evident that the Big Three of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have had a big falling out. Apparently, in the first issue of Infinite Crisis, they're going to have a major confrontation, pages of which we have already seen. It's only a little harder to guess that the villain behind the Crisis set things up deliberately so that the Big Three would be divided. And it's much harder to guess who's behind it all, even with all the clues we were given. (I'm still thinking it's the Earth-2 Superman.)

But let's see what last week's comic books, the ones just before Infinite Crisis, can tell us. Last week, the following comic books were touted as crossovers with the Infinite Crisis:

JSA #78
Outsiders #29
Rann-Thanagar War #6

And, of course, there were two books that are intimately connected, although neither had an Infinite Crisis banner:

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #4
Wonder Woman #221

Wonder Woman #221 contained a fairly straight-forward story, in which Diana wishes to turn herself in for killing Maxwell Lord, but Brother Eye pre-empts her by broadcasting video of her actions all over the world. Over in JSA #78, Mordru has returned, and a seemingly-possessed Jakeem Thunder has taken over the fifth and sixth dimension of the thunderbolt. In Outsiders #29, Sabbac, a demonic opponent of the Shazam family, has become more powerful due to absorbing the seven deadly sins, freed by the destruction of the Rock of Eternity. The Rann-Thanagar War leaves us seeing a battle still raging, despite the opening of a rupture in the fabric of space-time.

And Donna Troy. Oy. A lot happened in The Return of Donna Troy, but the upshot is that we now know why she's had so many inconsistent origins. Apparently, the current Donna Troy is an amalgamation of every single Donna Troy that existed in the entire Multiverse, including one named Dark Angel, who apparently worked for the Anti-Monitor gathering information just as Harbinger served the Monitor.

So what does all this mean?

Let's start with what I think should now be obvious. The fact that the Multiverse is remembered by Donna Troy, that the gods she knew wanted to flee from some horrible future, is a strong indication that Infinite Crisis really does connect all the way back to the Crisis on Infinite Earths from twenty years ago. As I predicted all the way back on September 2nd, it appears as if someone is definitely trying to bring back the Multiverse. And that someone has manipulated events so that no one will be in any shape to attempt to stop him...or her.

Think about it. The powerful magical heroes and villains of the universe are unable to use their magic to fight the threat, thanks to the Day of Vengeance. The superheroes of the world have been fought to exhaustion, thanks to the OMAC Project. The aliens with superior technology have all taken sides in the Rann/Thanagar War, to the point that even when a giant space-time rupture threatens both sides, they can't see their way clear to unite for the greater good.

And Wednesday, of course, it's not just Infinite Crisis #1 that comes out. We also get to see Villains United #6, and perhaps finally learn how Luthor ties into all this.

I know, much of this has felt like recap. Here's my prediction. Over the next seven months, we're going to discover something that feels very similar to Zero Hour. The Adversary is going to attempt to bring back the Multiverse, and he will be opposed by the heroes of the current universe, only after they all come to their senses and stop fighting among themselves. Meanwhile, certain characters, like Donna Troy and Power Girl, are going to find themselves on opposite sides of the battle, simply because one wants the Multiverse back and the other doesn't.

It's not going to be a simple case of good versus evil; like the best fiction, the villains in their own minds will be heroes, knowing that what they're doing is really the right thing. Our current heroes are going to oppose them every step of the way, but in the end, they will fail. The Multiverse will be reborn, and DC can finally go back to telling the kinds of stories they do best -- crisis crossovers.

Oh, yeah, and the Flash and Supergirl will die. :-)


I really hope that you're wrong about the Flash and Supergirl - I love them both and would hate to lose them - but you're smart and know more of the backstory than me, so it's more than likely that you're on the money. Ah well, I should have known better than to give my heart again - too easy to get it broken.
That last line is a joke for those who remember Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which both of those beloved characters died to save the universe. I seriously doubt that they would kill the new Supergirl after they just brought her back, and Wally West isn't at a point in his Flash career where killing him off would make sense.

But Bruce Wayne better watch his back. I'm just sayin'. :-)
*big sigh of relief* Thank you so much, my friend. I really need to read Crisis on Infinite Earths.
I hope the new Mary Sue-pergirl gets killed, she's annoying as heck.
I read an article somewhere that they had created her to be more of a rebellious teenager than the original Kara Zor-El. I don't enjoy reading about her as much as I did the original Supergirl, but I really doubt they would kill her off so soon after introducing her.
She was just introduced so ham-handedly, had a horrible intro story, and now we're essentially being told to love and adore a character that feels incredibly one-dimensional. She hasn't earned the right to be a fixture in the DCU, and for those of us who recall a Supergirl with a rich history and personality, it's annoying.

In any case, I do suspect she will play a big part in the Infinite Crisis, and they will at least make a play at hinting that she is dead at one point.
According to CBR.COM Bart Allen will become the new Flash.
Hey, any way you can repost this with a different icon? Your speculation was just blown my mind, and I want to comment on it.
After reading the Novelization of Crisis on Infinite, I have a feeling Barry will be returning during the Crisis.
Whoa! Now this really blows my mind. I never even considered the possibility.

What in the novelization leads you to this conclusion? Wolfman has said that in the original series he left a "trapdoor" for Barry, and that there was always a way to bring him back...but DC has treated Barry like a saint for these past twenty years, and have been very careful not to do anything to bring him back for real.

Suddenly I'm wondering...what if he's the guy behind everything? What if Barry Allen is the evil villain trying to bring back the Multiverse, following in Hal Jordan's footsteps?

Now I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight... :-)
Marv's stated that the trapdoor is that Barry kept popping up in different time periods during his final run. So Barry could theoretically pop out in the "present" and be active now for a while...but always knowing that he'd have to return to that final death run.

Btw, Marv's written a story that will appear during Infinite, and has stated that it's something that connects the dots from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Infinite Crisis.

Me, I can't see DC turning either Barry or Kal-L into the sort of murderer required to set everything up we've seen so far.
In the Flash (can't rememeber which issue) it's said that Barry will return 3 times to help Wally when he needs him the most. He's already done it twice now.
What was the first? I think we just saw the second in Flash #225.
yeah that was the second. i believe the first was in 200.
Realize the :-) on that last, but I'm sure they won't kill Supergirl (just introduced, and it's already a joke in the comics themselves as to how many Supergirl replacements have been introed since Crisis [3 different versions of Andromeda in Legion, Kara from Superman-Aliens, Matrix protomatter Supergirl, Matrix/Linda Danvers combination, Linda Danvers solo, and I'm probably forgetting a couple]), and they're dropping way too many coy hints about how Crises are hard on Flashes for me to think they're actually going to off Wally.

i totally dig your line of thinking and your rationale for everything.
Thank you! Now we get seven months to find out how right I am...
I think the Multiverse will be a major point in IC, at least to the point where others will become aware of what happened before and possibly all the way to the point where the idea of splitting the universe up again will present itself. But I don't think it's coming back as a permanent plot device. I think the "broken universe" referenced at the end of Donna Troy #4 will be fixed, or it will finally, ultimately fix itself. But it will be as one (more) cohesive universe.

I think Barry will return during this Crisis, but only temporarily. I think we may still see Kal-L again, if we haven't already. I think a "one year later" reboot will be a great thing, as opposed to the twenty-year reboot the current DCU has been going through since COIE.

But the Multiverse as it existed pre-Crisis won't be coming back. There will not be Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-C, Earth-Etc. Johns and co. have said this series isn't about restoring or fixing continuity; splitting the universe again would require another complete rewrite of continuity. Meaning, whereas now there's one Earth to conceptualize a history for, now there would be X Earths whose histories you'd have to explain for both pre-COIE, post-COIE, and post-IC.

Just my thought. I could be wrong.
Hm. Bringing back the Multiverse would make things more complicated, but why wouldn't they do that? If I recall correctly, the point of the original Crisis was to simplify the world, to make it easier to attract new readers. Seems to me the easiest way to attract new readers is to have an infinite number of universes to play with, allowing you to "start over" every twenty or so years, the way Julie Schwartz created new versions of the Golden Age heroes for new readers.

On the other hand, what would a "new" Earth-1 or Earth-2 look like? You may be right that they can't bring back the old universes without too much explanation for the casual reader.

I would like to see Earth-C come back, though... :-)
Just so long as Wonder Woman doesn't get turned to clay again...
That was kind of odd, wasn't it? She got turned back into clay and then reborn or something, didn't she?
Kinda sorta. She got turned back into clay at the end of Crisis, and they used that as an excuse for a complete reboot. Which turned out to be a good thing, as the series had started to get lame toward the end, and the post-Crisis Perez run was the best take on WW I've ever seen.


Is the new Aquagirl doomed too? (pleasesayyespleasesayyes)

Hi! Can you identify yourself?

I haven't been following Aquaman, so I have no idea who the new Aquagirl is. Consequently, I hesitate to speculate on her fate...
Hey, I like the new Aquagirl.
Who is the new Aquagirl? I know nothing about her.

I was just thinking...

We have been talking the 'Advesary' up alot... and we assume from the last JLA that he has to have a DNA signature close to or exactly that of Superman... So we have put in the hat:

1.) Kal-L
2.) Superman from the Future (Batman/Superman first story arc)

BUT... I was thinking there may be a few others that could fit that as well...

3.) The Cyborg... I know that Hal killed him just before Final Night... but did we really see his body?! I heard he has turned up in Action Comics recently.
4.) Superboy Earth-Prime... Same place as Kal-L, and since he is a Silver Age Superman, he is 10x more powerful than our current Supes.

and the one that really raised an eyebrow with moi...

5.) Superboy from the Time Trapper Pocket Universe.

The only reason this stuck in my head was because of the recent reprinting of the "Death of Superboy" story arc in a Man of Steel TPB. DC has been very... strategic in its reprints lately. Last year's "Crisis on Multiple Earths" TPB's... I am thinking DC is making sure all the possible players are in a 'still in print' format when it hits the fan.

Re: I was just thinking...

The problem with the Cyborg is that I don't think people will consider him a significant enough villain to be doing all this. Besides, he has no real motivation to bring back the Multiverse -- again, if we assume that's what's going on.

But I like the idea of it being the Superboy from the pocket universe. Do you know exactly which book the "Death of Superboy" story is reprinted? I'd like to read it.

Re: I was just thinking...

Its in the most recent "Man of Steel" TPB... Superman: The Man of Steel TPB Vol. 4, ISBN 1-4012-0455-4

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