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Speculation Today, Infinite Crisis Tomorrow (Post #7)

Welcome to the final speculations before the Crisis hits.

As any fan of DC Comics knows, in just two days the first issue of Infinite Crisis will be released. Over the past six months (or more), there's been a lot of stories leading into this big event. In addition, a lot of clues have been sprinkled throughout the DC universe, letting us know that something big was coming down the pike.

So over the past six weeks or so, I've been making predictions as to what's going to happen in the Infinite Crisis based solely on what I've read in the comics. It's entirely possible that I will fall flat on my face with some or all of my theories, but I don't care. I've enjoyed trying to second-guess the people behind the DC universe. So if my guesses turn out to be right, I can claim bragging rights. And if my guesses are all wrong, it's still been fun for me, and I hope it was for you.

Some speculations have been fairly easy to make. For example, it's been made rather evident that the Big Three of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have had a big falling out. Apparently, in the first issue of Infinite Crisis, they're going to have a major confrontation, pages of which we have already seen. It's only a little harder to guess that the villain behind the Crisis set things up deliberately so that the Big Three would be divided. And it's much harder to guess who's behind it all, even with all the clues we were given. (I'm still thinking it's the Earth-2 Superman.)

But let's see what last week's comic books, the ones just before Infinite Crisis, can tell us. Last week, the following comic books were touted as crossovers with the Infinite Crisis:

JSA #78
Outsiders #29
Rann-Thanagar War #6

And, of course, there were two books that are intimately connected, although neither had an Infinite Crisis banner:

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #4
Wonder Woman #221

Wonder Woman #221 contained a fairly straight-forward story, in which Diana wishes to turn herself in for killing Maxwell Lord, but Brother Eye pre-empts her by broadcasting video of her actions all over the world. Over in JSA #78, Mordru has returned, and a seemingly-possessed Jakeem Thunder has taken over the fifth and sixth dimension of the thunderbolt. In Outsiders #29, Sabbac, a demonic opponent of the Shazam family, has become more powerful due to absorbing the seven deadly sins, freed by the destruction of the Rock of Eternity. The Rann-Thanagar War leaves us seeing a battle still raging, despite the opening of a rupture in the fabric of space-time.

And Donna Troy. Oy. A lot happened in The Return of Donna Troy, but the upshot is that we now know why she's had so many inconsistent origins. Apparently, the current Donna Troy is an amalgamation of every single Donna Troy that existed in the entire Multiverse, including one named Dark Angel, who apparently worked for the Anti-Monitor gathering information just as Harbinger served the Monitor.

So what does all this mean?

Let's start with what I think should now be obvious. The fact that the Multiverse is remembered by Donna Troy, that the gods she knew wanted to flee from some horrible future, is a strong indication that Infinite Crisis really does connect all the way back to the Crisis on Infinite Earths from twenty years ago. As I predicted all the way back on September 2nd, it appears as if someone is definitely trying to bring back the Multiverse. And that someone has manipulated events so that no one will be in any shape to attempt to stop him...or her.

Think about it. The powerful magical heroes and villains of the universe are unable to use their magic to fight the threat, thanks to the Day of Vengeance. The superheroes of the world have been fought to exhaustion, thanks to the OMAC Project. The aliens with superior technology have all taken sides in the Rann/Thanagar War, to the point that even when a giant space-time rupture threatens both sides, they can't see their way clear to unite for the greater good.

And Wednesday, of course, it's not just Infinite Crisis #1 that comes out. We also get to see Villains United #6, and perhaps finally learn how Luthor ties into all this.

I know, much of this has felt like recap. Here's my prediction. Over the next seven months, we're going to discover something that feels very similar to Zero Hour. The Adversary is going to attempt to bring back the Multiverse, and he will be opposed by the heroes of the current universe, only after they all come to their senses and stop fighting among themselves. Meanwhile, certain characters, like Donna Troy and Power Girl, are going to find themselves on opposite sides of the battle, simply because one wants the Multiverse back and the other doesn't.

It's not going to be a simple case of good versus evil; like the best fiction, the villains in their own minds will be heroes, knowing that what they're doing is really the right thing. Our current heroes are going to oppose them every step of the way, but in the end, they will fail. The Multiverse will be reborn, and DC can finally go back to telling the kinds of stories they do best -- crisis crossovers.

Oh, yeah, and the Flash and Supergirl will die. :-)
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