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Infinite Crisis Speculation, Post #4

Look! Up in the Internet! It's a blog! It's a post! It's Infinite Crisis Speculation Friday!

And what a Friday we have for you today. In our last installment, we posited that the mysterious Mockingbird might be Lena Luthor. I have nothing to add to that speculation, save that I had a few replies from people with other suggestions, and I will cheerfully admit that anyone is a possibility. But whoever it is, it had better be good. I think we'll all be upset if it turns out to be Merryman or Captain Carrot. (Well, except perhaps for those die-hard fans of the Inferior Five or the Zoo Crew.)

However, this week a few books relating to the upcoming Crisis were released, including Day of Vengeance #6, Supergirl #2, Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1, Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2005 and JSA Classified #3 -- which seems to confirm my very first speculation.

Let's go right to it, shall we?

In JSA Classified #3, Power Girl goes to visit the Huntress in Gotham City. She feels upset because of all that's been going on in her life, and she wants to talk with a friend. The problem, however, is that the Huntress has never been a good friend of hers.

At least, not in the current universe....

You see, the original Huntress was the daughter of the Golden Age Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, from Earth-2. The original Power Girl was also from Earth-2, and the implication here is that Power Girl still remembers being good friends with her, and that's why she seeks her out.

Only...Huntress isn't buying it. They're not good friends, she says; in fact, no one really knows Power Girl at all. Just then, characters from other universes and continuities start showing up and claiming Power Girl as their own...until finally, Roger Hayden, the Psycho-Pirate, kidnaps her. He apparently plans to reveal the truth to her. Because he says to her, "We're going to take a trip, you and I. And you'll finally understand. I'm only trying to help you. Worlds lived...worlds died...but you survived!"

It looks like I was right. (Well, for the moment at least. They may do a complete reversal next issue...but somehow, I don't think so.)

So what other clues are we seeing in the DC universe?

Well, Day of Vengenace ended...oddly. To recap, the Spectre has been trying to destroy all magic in the universe. In a final fight with the wizard Shazam, he tells the Spectre that magic can't be destroyed, it can only change form, and that the Spectre is breaking it down to its original chaotic form. Indeed, when the Spectre finally kills the wizard, the Rock of Eternity is destroyed, and evil magic is set loose throughout the world.

Then, in Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, we find out that the Guardians of the Universe are recruiting a few thousand more Green Lanterns. Why? Because, says a frightened Kilowog, "accordin' to the Guardians--the whole damn universe is about ta change." [sic]

Hmmmm. Could the universe be about to change because someone is trying to bring back the Multiverse?

There's other weirdness going on. In the end of Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2005, a whole page of captions told us that Donna Troy is about to ask her friends to help her "combat a crisis that threatens the entire universe." The captions continue: "Who is Donna Troy?...She is a harbinger. She is the messenger of an ominous future and the bringer of possibly unimaginable pain and perhaps even death."

Calling Donna Troy a "harbinger" is a major red flag, especially given that we've seen Pariah and Lady Quark already. Could Donna also be Harbinger?

And there's odd Luthor stuff going on too. He's apparently behind the Psycho-Pirate kidnapping Power Girl. There's a significant shot of Superboy bald, with an L torn out of his shirt, and we know that it was established a while back that Superboy's genes are half from Superman and half from Luthor...making him partly Luthor's son. And finally, at the end of Supergirl #2, we see Luthor in his battlesuit, with a glove with kryptonite knuckles. Which includes green kryptonite, red kryptonite, blue kryptonite...and black.

Yes, black kryptonite. Note this well, Smallville fans -- this is the first appearance of black kryptonite ever in the comic books.

So what's going on? Here's my continued speculation:

Someone, probably the Anti-Monitor reborn as the evil Thangarian god Onimar Synn or as the Rannian villain Starbreaker, has set things in motion to destroy the one and only matter universe that exists, so his anti-matter universe will reign supreme. For lack of a better name, let's call this villain the Adversary. The Adversary has set the stage with the Rann/Thanagar War and the Day of Vengeance. The War has split all the technologically advanced alien races in the DC universe, so they will be suspicious of each other and won't be able to unite in time to confront the real threat from outside. The Day of Vengeance has unloosed magical chaos, making the universe unstable and easier for the Adversary to destroy.

As for the OMAC Project and Villains United, well, I don't think the Adversary is behind those now. I think the person behind them is the one man who knows what's happening, and has decided that there is only one way to save everyone -- and that is to bring back the Multiverse.

And that someone is Luthor.

Yes, Lex Luthor. He knows what's going on. And he believes that the Multiverse has to be restored if there's any chance of anything surviving other than the anti-matter universe.

See where I'm going? The Adversary wants to destroy the matter universe to power the anti-matter universe. So Luthor has decided to get there first. He plans to destroy the universe in order to recreate the Multiverse. And he knows that the superheroes would never allow that to happen. Just as their original versions defended the Multiverse from destruction, the current superheroes would defend the current universe from destruction, because who knows what might replace it? Remember Zero Hour, everyone? How the heroes wouldn't let Hal Jordan recreate the Multiverse? Luthor knows that they would resist it -- but at the same time, he truly believes that the only way to save everyone from the Adversary is to let the Multiverse come back. That would destroy the current universe, but Luthor is willing to accept that. After all, it's the only way.

("They had to destroy the universe in order to save it.")

So Luthor pulled Maxwell Lord's strings, influencing him to create the OMACs, which would distract the superheroes. At the same time, he formed his new Secret Society, to distract all the supervillains as well, because he remembered how they all fought to save the Multiverse back during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He plans to keep everyone else from confronting the Adversary so he can do it himself -- using Pariah, Lady Quark, and Superboy -- who is the new Alexander Luthor.

Don't believe it? Neither do I. But it does fit what we've seen so far...

(Oh, and all that odd-colored, pre-Crisis kryptonite? Luthor probably got the Psycho-Pirate to recreate it for him...)
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