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Michael's Next Writing Project

Since the novel is now finished (for the moment), it's time for me to tackle a new writing project. So I've set up this poll, in case anyone would like to chime in on what I should work on next. (Despite everyone's fondness for ticky boxes, I created a poll with radio buttons because I can't exactly tackle more than one project next. It's got to be one at a time.)

Poll #573286 Michael's Next Writing Project

What writing project should I tackle next?

Rewrite the mystery SF story that was rejected once
Write the telepathic space probe story
Write the alien predator story
Write the magical realism 9/11 story
Write a sequel to Sanctuary
Revise the rejected novel from 2001 (note: requires lots of new writing)
Something else (see suggestion in comments)


Er, yes? I mean, any of these is good to me, and I don't know what you're in the mood to work on.
If I knew what I was in the mood to work on, I wouldn't have put up the poll...
I picked "Rewrite mystery SF story," on the theory that, since you listed that first, that's subconsciously what you want to do.

That sounds better than "I closed my eyes and clicked the mouse," anyhow.
Clever! I just chose that one because I like SF mystery short stories.
No, sorry, that's way too much responsibility...

For what it's worth, if you aren't sure where to go next, picking up something you've sort of done before and trying to get it into shape sounds like a good strategy.

And I'm personally a bit anti-sequel. If you have another story that's burning to be told, over-rule me, but don't go for a follow-up just because nothing else appeals more.

Whatever. It'll be good. You'll know it when you see it, won't you?
I actually had in mind the possible sequel to "Sanctuary" as I was writing it, so it shouldn't be just tacked on if I do it right.
Mmm, mystery/SF stories....
Can you write the one set in the parallel timeline where Karl Rove is both an atheist and a liberal strategist?

Better yet, can I live in that timeline? :)
I'd like to see more stories in the world of and/or just featuring aliens like the one you did for I, Alien [brain is completely failing me as to name of story]. I *liked* that alien a lot and think you come up with interesting aliens as a result.
"Pedagogy" was the story.

I actually have a lot of difficulty with aliens, so I appreciate the compliment.

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