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Robot or Monkey?

So Nomi and I were watching the final episode of this week's Daily Show special report, "Evolution Schmevolution," and at the end they showed their usual "moment of Zen." This time, they showed a clip of a monkey playing a trombone, followed by a clip of a robot playing a trumpet.

I decided that this meant we had to get either a monkey or a robot. But which one? The monkey would be messy, but the robot would require regular maintenance.

And then Nomi made the perfect suggestion: a robot monkey! The advantages of both, and the disadvantages of neither.


What if the robot monkey trombonist was playing the 1812 Overture?
Then we'd run very fast the other way!
Sounds like a condo to me. It may have the disadvantages of both - messy and requiring maintenance.
Ah, but that's a monkey robot that would have the disadvantages, not a robot monkey. You were getting the two mixed up.
Would one of those little drum-playing monkeys count?
I'd want one a little more sophisticated. Find me one that can play the violin and then we're talking.
Ok, but it might be a little expensive... though this one is a lot more reasonable.
Perfect! Now we just need robot monkey money, with which to buy the robot monkey...
May not be able to help you with that one...
That's too close to a robot donkey.
Oh, good grief! I had no idea pirates were going to get involved! Arr!
Hard to snuggle up with a robot, though. Then again, you might not be the types who would want to snuggle up with a monkey even on the coldest Massachusetts night. :)

For snuggling up, teddy bears work just fine. Robot monkeys are for fetching your slippers.
So if we do ever meet up at a Con someday and I hear shouting from your room along the lines of "Monkey, fetch my slippers!", I'll know now not to worry!
Ah! So what you're really looking for is Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. You get the trifecta of

1) an annoying sounding kid whose destiny is to save the world (or maybe the universe)
2) ships that merge to form a silly looking Voltron.
3) intelligent robot space monkeys who slept in deep hibernation for a long time...until awoken by the kid in section 1.

...only on Jetix!

Oy. Only _you_ would have found this. :-)
Hey! I'm not the one spinning conspiracy theories on details in a comic book.

I also never said I watched the show. But it's hard to miss the commercials while I'm watching episodes of Spiderman or Gargoyles. Can you believe those shows are already ten years old?

It's really sad when often the best thing on at night are repeats of cartoons that stopped making new episodes ten years ago.

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