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Infinite Crisis Speculation, Post #3

Welcome to another edition of Infinite Crisis Speculation Friday!

To recap, in the first issue I suggested that Power Girl might be a chronal anomaly, who doesn't belong in the DC universe, and that the Psycho-Pirate was using that fact to bring back the Multiverse. In the second issue, I proposed that perhaps the Anti-Monitor is pulling the Psycho-Pirate's strings, and I suggested that maybe the Pirate is playing a large role in the Villains United miniseries. My thought was that perhaps the Pirate was also the mysterious Mockingbird.

But now, I have a different idea.

This past week, I went back and re-read the whole Villains United story line. For those of you not keeping track, the basic plot is that Lex Luthor has created a new Secret Society of Supervillians. He's trying to recruit almost every villain imaginable, using the argument that as a group, they'd be better able to defend themselves against Superhero mindwipes. (The villains discovered that the mindwiping had taken place shortly after Identity Crisis.) There are six villains, however, who have rejected Luthor's society, and in fact have been recruited by that mysterious figure named Mockingbird to form their own group, called the Secret Six. Mockingbird has them going up against Luthor's group, for no apparent good reason except to show Luthor that some villains refuse to live under his thrall. (More plot details can be found at Wikipedia: Villains United.)

It's obvious that Mockingbird is someone important; otherwise the eventual revelation of Mockingbird's identity would be a letdown. Mockingbird's identity is kept hidden throughout the series, as the Secret Six's leader only communicates with the Six over video. Furthermore, their leader's face is always obscured; it looks like an old style bits-and-bytes computer graphic, with only the two eyes clearly defined.

So who is Mockingbird? I think I know. I began by going over the names of all the villains who have appeared so far in the story, to see who's missing. And one name seemed obvious: Braniac. We haven't seen Brainiac for a while, and he and Luthor are well-established to be in conflict in this current continuity. If Mockingbird is made up of computer data, well, the connection to an incarnation of Brainiac is obvious. Finally, I could easily see how Brainiac might decide that Luthor is making himself too big a player, and so he decides to challenge him. He's also be as ruthless about his own recruits as Mockingbird has been; we've seen how Mockingbird has no compunction against killing any member of the Secret Six just to make a point.

But I don't think Mockingbird is Brainiac, for one very important reason. Throughout Villains United, it's been pretty well-established that Mockingbird really hates Luthor. While Brainiac might go up against Luthor, he doesn't really hate him, per se. So I went a little further and asked myself the following question: Who out there would have such hatred of Luthor, and also the power to keep an identity as private as possible?

Answer: Luthor's daughter, Lena.

Back in 2000, during the Brainiac 13 story, Brainiac 2.5 took control of Lena's body and used it to defend Luthor from Brainiac 13. But then Brainiac 13 made a deal with Luthor -- essentially, he said, hand over your daughter, and B13 would give Luthor the power to run the new technology that B13 had created in Metropolis, the technology that truly made it a City of Tomorrow. Luthor agreed, and betrayed his daughter and B2.5 in the process.

Now, supposedly Lena was restored to infant form and returned to Luthor at some point, but a) we haven't seen her much recently, and b) there's no guarantee that the baby Luthor got back was actually Lena. What if Lena is still merged with B2.5 somewhere out there, and has decided that she wants revenge on her father for his betrayal of her?

That would explain a lot. It would explain Mockingbird's name, for one thing, as Lena is mocking her father. It would explain why Mockingbird has only appeared over a video screen, in an image of a face that looks like it's made up of computer data. And it would explain Mockingbird's vicious hatred of Luthor, as hell hath no fury like a daughter scorned.

And why is it so important that a Luthor daughter play a part in Infinite Crisis? Well, remember that one of the most important characters in the original Crisis was a Luthor son...
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