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Serene and Quiet

Last night, gnomi and I managed to attend a free preview showing of the upcoming film Serenity. Everyone I know who has seen it has been excellent about keeping quiet, and not giving away any spoilers, and we plan to do the same. Therefore, although we both have some thoughts about the film, we're going to keep quiet about it until after opening weekend.

It may amuse people to know that one of the reasons I wanted to see this film as soon as possible was so I could now read kradical's novelization. It's already out in bookstores. I'd suggest that if you plan to see the film, do so before reading the book.


So was this the final version? I saw a rough cut back in April.

We can chat about it tonight, actually :D
< grump >
why do they always do that?! they should time the book release to match the movie, since it's clear from everyone that's seen the movie that a lot of the excitement is going to come from surprise. so much for preventing spoilers...
< /grump >
I mostly liked the version I saw at the sneak-peak back in June. I don't know how much it may have changed over the May or August versions.

I think it's fair to say that the space battle scene is short but quite spectacular (I liked it more than the overly-long Sith space battle), and, at least in the June version, there was a very badly done fight scene near the end.

I saw both...

and the May through July advance screenings were grainy workprint, with placeholder music and rough special effects. This is a shiny final crisp print, with final music score and finished special effects. Nothing changed on a plot or scene level. There were a few quick flashes I didn't recognize, but that could have been from not paying attention before or because they were largely F/X so only added in the final print, not sure which.
We almost went, but decided we can wait a little longer...

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