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Take my love, take my land, but don't take my robot dog...

The BBC has announced that one of my favorite Doctor Who characters, K-9 the robot dog, is returning to the show.

arib is less than thrilled about this, so I suggested a crossover where K-9 appears on Firefly:

Me: Maybe if they introduced K-9...
Ari: If they introduced K-9, Mal would shoot it. Then Jayne would use it as a footstool.
Me: Then the Doctor would rescue his faithful robot companion.
Ari: Right, and Jayne would keep shooting him until his regenerations ran out.
Me: And then the TARDIS would eat him.
Me: And then K-9 would stomp all over Jayne's butt.
Me: And Kaylee would pat K-9 on the head and give him a doggie treat.
Me: And then we'd have a new TV show where Kaylee and K9 roam the galaxy, with similar sounding names.
Me: We could call it, "Kaylee, K-9, and Company"
Ari: Oy
Ari: And Kaylee could clobber Sarah Jane with a wrench and steal her apartment.


Brain...Leaking out...Ears.

Don't see Kaylee clobbering anyone. See Kaylee talking to Sarah Jane (or better, Adric) and River coming up and killing her/him with her brain.
Is it just me, or does anyone else envision River bludgeoning someone with a brain.

Not the one in her skull, but a pet brain or something that she carries around with her, for bludgeoning purposes.
"I have the heart of a small boy...I keep it in a jar on my desk."
-Stephen King
You know, Kaylee would make a good companion. She's too interested in the engines, giving plenty of opportunity for tinkering to lead the TARDIS into accidental outings. And every time they land on another ship, her curiousity about the tech would lead them straight into adventure. Planetside wouldn't hold as much appeal, but give her a chance at a good meal with fresh food. :)

Dang, now I wanna see it.

[Did you ever read the 1980s fanfic "The Doctor and the Enterprise"? Doctor Four, Original Trek (before there was anything else) and adventures ensue. I think I have a purchased hardcopy (with illustrations and everything) somewhere around here.]
By Jean Airey. You can read it at this website
Actually, Kaylee would be able to fix the TARDIS so the Doctor could navigate it.
Just so long as Kaylee leaves the chameleon circuit alone.
But wouldn't the TARDIS look spiffy as a pretty pink dress? :)
Hmm, that makes sense, since Sarah Jane Smith is coming back, and K-9 was last seen with her in their own spin-off show.

I am such a geek!
See my next post for information on K9 and Company. You're not the only geek.
/me looks at the VHS copy of K9 and Company on his shelf.

Okay, now my head hurts with all the fanfic cross-over possibilities.

It's a dire emergency! The Serenity is in danger! Kaylee's in the engine room, unable to repair the all-important Spinning Around Thing. The poor dear is all but in tears.

Enter K9. "May I be of assistance, mistress?"

Next scene: Kaylee has ingeniously removed the old Spinning Around Thing and installed a more advanced piece of machinery in its place.

K9 [spinning around]: "Mistress! Mistress! Mistress!"

Kaylee beams.
This is too cute...
You've all forgotten one important detail.

If The Doctor, Rose and K-9 visited Serenity, Inara would be leaving with them in the TARDIS at the end of the day.


Because she's a Companion, of course! :)
Though depending on just how unreliable the TARDIS is being, she might arrive back just after leaving...
Oy. :-)

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