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Recommending Comics! (Not by Scott McCloud)

Here's a chance for regular comic readers to chime in!

A friend of gnomi and mine, gem225, has just gotten interested in comic books for the first time. Someone recommended a recent storyline in Batman to her, and now she's hooked. She's looking for recommendations of good comics to read, and since I know a lot of people who are comic book readers, I offered to refer people back to her post, "come one, come all, tell me about your favorite comics!" So if you're interested in helping another poor sucker get hooked, let her know what you like to read.

And as long as I'm on the topic, here's a list of books I try to keep up with regularly, emphasis on the word try:

Action Comics
Adventures of Superman
Amazing Spider-Man
Astro City
Ex Machina
Fables < Jon Stewart voice> "Curse you, sdelmonte!" < /Jon Stewart voice >
Fantastic Four
Green Lantern
JSA Classified
JLA Classified
PS 238
The Pulse
Seven Soldiers: Guardian
Seven Soldiers: Zatanna
Spectacular Spider-Man
Superman / Batman
Y: The Last Man

and, of course, the four books leading up to Infinite Crisis:
Day of Vengeance
The Omac Project
Villains United
Rann-Thanagar War
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